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Lepasa NFT Metaverse becomes the most awaited NFT Project of the year 2021


Lepasa Polqueen

Lepasa offers Fine Art 3D Game Ready NFTs Soon to be launched Metaverse

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- London, United Kingdom Nov 25, 2021 ( – Lepasa is a mythological virtual life conceptualised by a team of artists and engineered by blockchain enthusiasts. It is an outstanding NFT Project built by a very experienced team of blockchain tech experts, great traditional artists & excellent 3D CGI artists. The vision is to establish an ecosystem that allows users to create, experience, and monetise their content with real-world applications. Every piece of creativity in Lepasa is an NFT token (ERC-721) and is always completely owned by its holder, giving them full control over wherever they choose to use the NFT.


The emergence of large social media platforms, such as Facebook and Tiktok has allowed hundreds of millions of users to gather, interact, share content, and play games. All of these platforms are controlled by centralised organisations. Lepasa aims to establish a platform that allows its content creators to own and capture the full value of their contributions.

$LEPA Token :

The $LEPA token is a multi-chain token that is audited by the world’s leading smart contract auditing firm, CertiK; investors will soon be able to watch it live on Coin Market Cap. $LEPA is the native token for the Lepasa ecosystem. Every NFT or any future offering in the Lepasa will be acquired only against the $LEPA token.

Additionally, well thought and strict burn logic are in place; whenever an NFT is bought from Lepasa, the token exchanged against it will be burnt. It will create scarcity of the token and, as a result, make the rest of the token even more valuable. $LEPA token will soon be available on QuickSwap, PancakeSwap, and UniSwap

Lepasa’s Intention:

NFTs are growing at an unprecedented pace. They are no longer just pictures and GIFs, they now have actual use cases. We’re building an ecosystem that will bring everyone who believes in innovation to join the Crypto & NFT revolution. Our NFTs give owners access to the actual source file, not just a picture of it. These source files can be used in games, videos, pictures, other NFTs, and so much more. The quality of our NFTs sets a new standard in the industry. The possibilities are endless! With Lepasa, you can experience all possible opportunities and fun

Lepasa’s Future: 

The vision of Lepasa is to create a mythological world that habitats beautiful legendaries. It will offer a social experience with an economy driven by layers of land and unique creatures ownership, with content distribution. Developers will be able to create applications on top of Lepasa, distribute them to users, and monetise them.

In the future, the project plans to implement peer-to-peer communications, a scripting system for interactive content, and a system of cryptocurrency payments for in-world transactions. A communication layer for social experiences, providing positioning, postures, voice chat, and more; this is achieved with a P2P network. 

Lepasa is set to quickly establish itself as a key player in the NFT industry. Polygon/Matic has partnered with Lepasa, and the $LEPA token smart contracts are audited by the world’s leading auditing firm CertiK. To top it off, the Lepasa project has been featured on CoinMarketCap, NewsBTC, AMBCrypto, and 100s of other crypto news websites. 

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