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Artist VR Vernon Rosser Shoulders the Genre Electro-Pop with Her Latest Song ‘Haters Radio Edit’


Haters  Radio Edit

The artist VR Vernon Rosser has come up with the song ‘Haters Radio Edit’ which has vividly harnessed all the instruments of Electro pop with her magical vocal.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Guildford, England Dec 1, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – The song ‘Haters Radio Edit’ by the artist VR Vernon Rosser is a beautifully composed and sung song of modern Electronic pop music. Electronic pop music is a hybrid of two genres of music electronic and pop music. Combining the synthesizer-run electronic music with a radio-friendly voice the artist has given one of the best performances of pop music. The genre, emerging from the United Kingdom in the early ‘so s have produced many prolific artists like Britney Spears and Madonna, and the artist VR Vernon Rosser now gets into the list of them with this song.

Today the most popular genre of music is electronic pop music, which in short is called Electro pop. The artist has not only understood the genre but dived deep into the music to bring out some of the best melodies of the genre. Taking the support of the strong beats, synthesizers, and drums she does not endorse her style but also becomes one of the artists to give a shoulder to the genre. Moreover, the song offers a unique voice of the artist that is melodic and dramatic. It adds her energy and her style to further emphasize the characteristics of her music. The beats of the song are catchy, rhythmic, and especially, periodic.

The artist was born in the UK; however, her parents moved to South Africa and she spent most of her childhood there. She has learned the culture of their music. The variety can be seen in the song as well. The song also mixes some elements of indie with pop. It has demonstrated a high level of craftsmanship. So, listen to this song ‘Haters Radio Edit on Spotify with all her other songs like ‘They Told Me…’, ‘Floki’, ‘Love yourself’, and You’re Going To Like This’ and so on. For more details about her music follow her on her social handles on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

To listen to the song visit the link:https://open.spotify.com/track/4VtwqPzS5AMCopiaXwMe1G

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