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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Dec 2, 2021 ( – Ronald Dross, Better known as Drosz is an on the rise recording artist. From the time he was young he wanted to play sports professionally and thought that potentially his career path would be in that field. Playing sports was his expertise, but he had no idea how much impact music would have in his life. While in the church he used to participate in the choir. He was influenced by his uncle at an early age named Eric Isles who was singing in the industry already, but who also sang in the church. The church is where young Drosz learned about melodies, altos, tenors, sopranos, and also his own sound. His mother Valerie was also a huge influence in his life as she also sang and directed in the choir. Being in the presence of his uncle Eric Isles and his mother helped motivate him in the direction of becoming an artist. Eric used to work for Def Jam which is a well-known label within the music industry. Seeing the lifestyle and being in the environment had Drosz hooked.


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All throughout high school, Drosz involved himself in music and sports. It wasn’t until junior college that he was trying to discover his own sound vocally and production-wise. He and his cousin decided to start their own gospel rap group in 2004-2005. Their debut song was titled “Rock For The Lord”. Making that record allowed them access to an amazing opportunity to perform at McDonald’s gospel fest that year. It was a huge accomplishment. After a few performances, he decided to take time away from music. In 2012 he and his cousin came together again to drop a new song which was actually a pop record called “Spotlight” under the group name Playoffs. They enjoyed expressing themselves through music. The song “Like Me” really captured Drosz into finding his own sound as a solo artist. The start of the pandemic is what catapulted him into his music career as a solo artist.

Currently, he is working in the studio on more music to release such as solo records and music collaborations. He is also working on some visuals to surprise his fans with. He is staying busy and consistent, to say the least. While also working on music he will also be working on a high-end street clothing line. Drosz is an inspiration to all and speaks knowledge within his works of art. Music can alter moods and change lives. He just wants to be a part of it.


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