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Culver City’s Centennial Poetry Collection celebrates the city’s heritage and deep connection with its citizens


Culver City s Centennial Poetry Collection

Proceeds from the sale of this book go to the Culver City Historical Society

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Culver City, California Dec 6, 2021 ( – On September 20, 1917, Harry Culver received his City Charter for Culver City, marking a momentous day in history. In honor of the city’s one-hundredth birthday and its centennial celebration on September 20, 2017, Dr. Janet Hoult, Culver City’s Honorary Artist Laureate for Poetry, organized a Centennial Poetry Contest to provide an opportunity for people to express their love for the city in a poetic format. The poetry collection reflects the sentiment of Culver City’s residents and visitors alike and conveys their deep love for the beautiful city.

Echoing the thoughts in the foreword by former mayor Paul Jacobs, Dr. Hoult, the editor of this book, remarked that “Poetry is a universal language and a beautiful way to express your emotions and thoughts when simple words can’t seem to do them justice. It allows the author to paint a picture in the minds of readers and help them find their inner voice.”

“With this collection, I wanted to bring forth the love people have for this city and how, over the years, it has only grown by leaps and bounds.” Dr. Hoult further added.

Memorable lines from Dr. Hoult’s poem “Word Painting” reflect her profound connection with words:

                                        Words that the poet finds

                               Paint clearer pictures in our minds

                          Word choice makes mental pictures lush

                            Words are the paint, the poet the brush


Outskirts Press published the book on April 25, 2018. All proceeds from the sale of this book go to the Culver City Historical Society.

You can order Culver City’s Centennial Poetry Collection today on Outskirts Press and Amazon.





About the Author

Dr. Janet Cameron Hoult is Professor Emerita of Language Education at California State University, Los Angeles.  In 1970, Dr. Hoult moved to Culver City, which became her home base as she travelled worldwide.  She attended high school in Iran, universities in Lebanon, the United States, and France where she spent two years on a Fulbright Fellowship. She also had teaching assignments in Germany, Korea, Japan, Thailand, and China.  She has published four books of poetry, two of which have won awards, ‘Body Parts – A Collection of Poems About Aging’ and ‘Where Did the Sun Go? Myths and Legends of Solar Eclipses Around the World Told with Poetry and Puppetry’.  Her latest book ‘Jaunts with Janet – A Poetic Memoir – Part One’ is scheduled for publication in 2022.  In 2015, Janet was appointed Culver City’s Honorary Artist Laureate for Poetry.  She taught poetry at the Culver City Senior Center and conducted poetry readings and contests for the 2017 Centennial. She lives in Culver City, California

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