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World Renowned Healer Supanova Slom has Come with a New Song ‘Supa Mega’ To Heal the Heart of His Followers


SupaNova Slom

Brooklyn based multi-tasker artist and world renowned healer SupaNova Slom has dropped his new music ‘Supa Mega’ and taking the initiative to change the world.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Newark, New Jersey Dec 8, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – The best part about being a musician is that they have a chance to influence people with their work, or they can at least appeal what they want to change in the society. This Brooklyn based artist SupaNova Slom being a singer alongside bestselling author, vegan bodybuilder, award winning holistic health educator has launched a song Supa Mega. It is a song about motivating and inspiring people. Here he talks about how to live a life organically. He tries to motivate people by his work; and he tries to teach people how to live a healthy life. His intentions were always like this but this is not the only reason why people love his music. It’s the perfect balance of rhythm, electric music and lyrics which hits different. And this kind of music is really rare to find.

He always believes in the mantra health is wealth, and being a vegan body builder, he always promotes vegan culture which is environment friendly. This hip-hop Medicine Man became so famous in this short period of time because of his good music, great vocal power. His uniqueness in every song adds a special touch in them. He single handedly compose, writes, sings and produces all his songs. Slom’s versatility is beyond commendable. As mentioned before SupaNova Slom does a lot of work apart from singing, writing is one of them. He has written a lot of books on healthy living. His latest book is -The Remedy: The Five-Week Power Plan to Detox the Body. It is also a self help book. He has been recognized as a bestselling author too.

This hip-hop star never taken a step back from entertaining people. Not only ‘Supa Mega’ his other songs which are getting more ears are – ‘Psalms (God Love’s Gangstas)’, ‘Gangsta Salute’, ‘Hey Nicki (You’re So Fine)’. To listen all his hit song you can always visit his Spotify profile, and to get to know more about his upcoming projects follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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