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Chicago Rapper KOE G has Dropped his Latest Track ‘NICKLEFABULOUS’ to Win the Hearts of All the Hiphop Lovers



A bone-chilling song has been delivered by the talented Chicago rapper KOE G aka Brandon Taylor named ‘NICKLEFABULOUS’ for all the hip-hop lovers out there

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Chicago, Illinois Dec 11, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – In the music industry hip-hop is now the most popular genre in the present time. As we all know hip-hop is originated in the US, but here hails from Chicago, rapper KOE G aka Brandon Taylor is earning a lot of fame for his work. He is an emerging artist in this field. His new song ‘NICKLEFABULOUS is getting a lot of attentions.  He works independently and makes all his music. He has given music, written lyrics, and composed all on his own. His production house name is THE NICKELBOY GROUP LLC. All his songs are under that production house. He writes all his lyrics from his experience that’s why all of his music is so relatable and loved by all his fans. His approach to making music is very different from the others. The diversity of composing new music is his special trait. His powerful and intriguing voice is like an addiction.

This new artist basically sings r&b which is a special genre of hip-hop music. He is getting all the love because his music is not like all the other artists; he makes his art different by adding a special element of him. His magnificent voice is one of his characteristics. On top of that his brilliant composition ‘NICKLEFABULOUS’ is a special addition. He is a self-taught artist. He taught himself how to sing and never went to any tutor for that. He also learnt to play instruments on his own. Basically he is a self-made artist. He has a versatile approach to all his audience and made a good connection with them. In a very short period of time he got a lot of fame and according to his work there are more success waiting for him in the future.

Other songs of the Chicago rapper KOE G which are listened to all around the world are: ‘Dead Mans Hand’, ‘Black Diamond’, ‘Neva Saw Me Comin’ etc. all these songs are available on SoundCloud so you can anytime listen to his songs. And to connect to his fans this hip-hop star has come on social media sites so follow him on Instagram, and Facebook.

Please visit here to listen this song ‘NICKLEFABULOUS’ by KOE G :


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