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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Cincinnati, Ohio Dec 10, 2021 ( – Matt Mansour was better known in the public eye as “Money Matt” is more than just another face in the indie music scene. This young talent is one of the most intelligent, dedicated, hard-working, and riveting motivational artists of this decade. His journey began when he was born to his mother and father Joe and Regina Mansour; At the age of 5 years old on a sunny Easter Sunday in 1995, his life was then struck with tragedy. He went blind in his right eye. As he stated in our sit down documentary he states: “I was young and a rebellious kid I thought I was invincible until that day”. The young boy spend 6 months in the intensive care unit at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, after 6 laser surgeries in that time the doctor then told the young boy: “I’m sorry no matter how far medical science is advanced you will never see out of that eye again”. A statement that would burn a hole in his life forever.

Going back to school after 6 months of missing kindergarten he had to wear an eye patch because the direct light in his eye would burn up his retina since his pupil was permanently dilated. After being subjected to many years of bullying which lead to matt fighting the other kids in defending himself, he was doomed by the school system as they did nothing in his defence actually made matt to be the enemy. By the age of 13, he started playing football as a way to get his aggression and energy out in a positive way. His father who raised him always preached about having positive thoughts because they cause positive influence. A teacher tells him in a civil war demonstration in his U.S. History class after matt was in an altercation with another student, and removed from the class. The teacher tells him: “Matt your a good kid I know it but you’re the only one who can control your outcome, you’re the director of your movie”. Moving school to school due to his issues with other students as a result of his eye injury from being hazed to physical altercations, the young man finally planted his roots in a school in Middletown, Ohio known as the Life Skills Center. This is where Money Matt’s passion really grew for music. He started rapping as a way to let loose some pinned up anger. Starting out as the “513 Kid” then changing his name that would stick with him even today; “Money Matt” honed in on his skill and talent with music, as he said: “Music speaks to me in a way people can’t”.

While attending Life Skills, he spent a lot of his free time during breaks rapping on the corner where he attracted a lot of attention from the strip mall, especially the neighboring Carousel Beauty School. Matt said: “I wouldn’t be out there to draw attention I just wanted to be great at the music I had a natural love for it”. He also spent a lot of his free time during the summers going to parties in the Clifton area of Cincinnati as well as much of the suburbs in West Chester, Ohio to perform freestyles for his friends while they enjoyed the music.

In 2012 He would then accomplish his biggest dream, owning his first studio set-up. Not knowing anything about the music industry in the way it was running how to properly record or anything, Money Matt was eager to learn. From watching tutorials on YouTube to reading the full instruction manual, his encouragement to learn what he loved seemed inevitable. After 4 years of work tapes, Matt decided one day he would start his music career and go public. As he stated: “I spent a lot of my time reading and learning how the music industry worked so that when I went public I had an idea of what I wanted to do. I just knew I wanted to create my own sound and be unique and original”.

Then that day finally came on December 16, 2016, he would declare his independence as a brand new recording artist by dropping the quite unique “No Beat Just Bars” which was a freestyle, followed by his hit single “Came From Nothing”, two singles in 3 days of each other. Prior to the drops of his first two official singles, he dropped a debut mixtape entitled: “Trap Life Volume 1” a mixtape as he stated in an interview with Stay Lit Remain Humble, he was pushing the concept of the project, not the actual music due to his lack of engineering skills. Following the drop of his first official project and 2 singles, Money Matt transitioned his concept of music into a whole other direction, motivational music. The “Monopolist Vol. 1 Reloaded” was his first official project that followed the summer of 2017, which is available in global distribution(Spotify, iTunes, tidal, Deezer, amazon music, and more). The “monopolist mindset” as so matt states idea is a concept of taking one idea that was tossed away and reviving it to turn it into a treasure or as Money Matt says “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” was a concept of someone who was turning their life around to make the best version of themselves. As his grind ramped up and he continued to pursue heavily into music that Christmas came the drop off “A1 Grind” which is a self-explanatory project that expressed that his grind should be recognized as one the hardest working artists in today’s indie music scene.

Money Matt has accomplished quite a bit in his short time of being a public artist, figure, motivational speaker and leader. He is a 2-time UMA Worldwide winning artist where he relished his first initial victory of being recognized as an award-winning artist in Nov of 2017 where he received an award for the “Best New Male Artist/Rapper of the year”. Following his award, he was featured in Legendary Hip-Hop Magazine with Migo’s as a spotlight artist to watch. Soon after he received his first front-page placement with Bemo Magazine on the Cincinnati Edition where he would yet again prove himself as a contender in today’s market. Following the end of 2017 Money Matt has accrued a little bit over 100,000 distributed streams in his first year of distribution. Money Matt started performing after his first performance after gaining 11,000 streams on the hit song “Came From Nothing” produced by J Money Beats in the renowned studio Icon Studio’s in Atlanta, Ga where he was in a music icon’s personal built studio “Akon”.

Heading into 2018 Money Matt started performing very heavily starting his uphill battle has performed all over the region with performances in cities: Cincinnati, Ohio with 2 headlining performances, along with 40 open mic performances. Showcase performance in Columbus, Ohio; Athens, Ga; Atlanta, Ga; Macon, Ga; College, Park, Ga; Detroit, Mi. 2 performances for the UMA Worldwide Award Show Hosted By Bemo Magazine & A&R Boss Ent. Matt has put his own money behind what he believes in, with a very bright future ahead of him has separated himself from other artists with many great characteristics and the potential of being a very successful artist out of Cincinnati, Ohio. To find out more information, visit his website today:

Money Matt Official Website

Support the young talent that is striving not only for greatness but to become a leader of his time and an inspiration to many others to always pursue their dreams, and most importantly a great role model for generations many years ahead of his time to look up to. There truly is only one Money Matt (Matt Mansour) he is a one-of-a-kind artist and a one of a kind person. One word that describes this young man is GENUINE.

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