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Seagrass Marketers Announces 25% Discount off on B2B marketing email lists


Seagrass Marketers are offering a 25% discount

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Wilmington, Delaware Dec 11, 2021 ( – It’s the season of goodwill, and it looks as though Seagrass marketers have taken this literally with their generous discount on B2B email lists that can increase your data sets and your customer base, so take advantage of this special offer before the bells chime for New Year.   


E-mail lists form the foundation of many successful marketing campaigns, but the quality of the data is all-important; for instance, low-quality data leads to low-quality results and a lack of confidence in the process. Don’t let this happen; invest in quality data this year and get results.   

What’s on offer? 

Seagrass Marketers are offering a 25% discount on their B2B marketing email lists, an exciting offer you would be mad to miss! Seagrass Marketers are data specialists who can provide email lists for general or specific audiences such as those in healthcare or your target industry.  


Often overlooked in favor of social media, e-mail marketing is one of the best ways to reach existing and new customers to improve your ROIs. There are many reasons why e-mail marketing is so successful; it’s low cost, reaches engaged audiences, and targets messages.  


If you want to reach this lucrative customer base, you need an effective e-mail list, so what does effective mean? There’s little point in sending your targeting marketing messages to thousands of people in the wrong demographic; you need lists that qualify for industry and business aims. 

How to Grab a Bargain

If you want to grab a bargain with an email list that can boost your business revenue next year, you best be fast! Why? The reason is that B2B email lists from Seagrass Marketers are only available for a short time. The sale starts on the 24th of December and runs until the 28th. 


This doesn’t leave much time, so it’s best to wait for the sale to start to get the best e-mail lists for your business. In the business world, it’s results that count, which is why e-mail marketing is so important; email marketing offers one of the best ROIs of any digital marketing strategy. 


Seagrass aims to meet the needs of business customers by coming up with the best deals for email lists this Christmas. So you can benefit from an amazing 25% discount on email lists directly relevant to your industry or fields – just think of what you can achieve with that data!    

Seagrass Products

Seagrass has e-mail lists to suit all the major industries like technology, healthcare, professionals, and regional lists for Canada and Europe. An e-mail list from Seagrass marketers is reliable and effective, but that doesn’t happen by chance; it takes a lot of hard work. 


It’s hard work you don’t have to do yourself; Seagrass already has the email lists that can increase your market share and accelerate your ROIs; what’s more, you can have them for 25% less this Christmas, just make sure you’re on the ball between the 24th and 28th! 


Think of the potential of having industry-specific data for your email marketing campaigns; it can help you to engage a new audience with newsletters and new products at a time of year when customers are primed to spend. E-mail lists are also highly effective for re-targeting ads.      

Why use e-mail Lists? 

According to Seagrass Marketers, there are six main reasons why you need e-mail lists for your marketing campaigns; it’s not just the conversions that are important. You need to prepare the ground by engaging with customers on a personal level, so they become part of your base.   


  • You can build trust
  • You will be able to get your messages to engaged customers with ease
  • You can make more money
  • Email is personal
  • Save a lot of time by purchasing a readymade email list
  • Get more visitors to your website


In the age of digital marketing, it makes sense to have ready-made e-mail lists to work with, even better if the lists are specific to your industry or field. Spend less time researching e-mail lists and more time developing effective marketing campaigns to grow your business and brand. 

Who are Seagrass Marketers? 

Seagrass Marketers are a group of experts who believe that data-driven marketing is the future of successful business growth. Of course, businesses have been using data for years, but the quality of the data is crucial to transforming it into valuable, business-empowering insights. 


Seagrass marketers are business data analysts and specialists who can help you to find the right data for your business and to implement a data strategy that is tailored to your niche area – that could mean the industry, geographic regions, demographics, or the prospective market. 


Seagrass Marketers has over 300 dedicated researchers working full-time to find and analyze data from around the world to categorize it correctly. Seagrass also invests two million each year to bring the highest-quality data to clients – it’s not a task you want to tackle on your own. 

Why buy From Seagrass? 

It’s not just the high-quality e-mail lists perfectly tailored to your industry; Seagrass also values its clients highly and offers extra services to guarantee that your data-driven campaigns prosper. When you buy from Seagrass, you are guaranteed the highest SMG data providers available.


Seagrass also offers excellent customer support whether you are curious about investing in e-mail lists or you want more information on the ones your own already. Seagrass agents are always on hand to attend to your queries and to ensure that you get the best value for data.


Don’t miss out on this year’s super saving on B2B e-mail lists; the sale starts on the 24th of December and runs until the 28th, so make the discount window count and grab a bargain. Think of the possibilities of data-driven marketing campaigns in the New Year and onwards; all you have to do is get your Seagrass B2B email lists sorted and start planning campaigns. 

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