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The Nation’s Largest Virtual Church Records a Remarkable Year of Daily Global Support


Dr Steven Davidson

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Dallas, Texas Dec 12, 2021 ( – If one considers responding to crises around the globe with support information and even answering the needs of individuals and families daily a virtuous humanitarian endeavor, then Amazing Things The Church, the nation’s largest virtual church represents a benchmark for ministries. Dr. Steven DavidSon reveals the reality.

“No question, reaching millions each month virtually as a faith-organization, there is a commensurate real-time cry for help each day. It is not simply ministries around the globe, but also individuals and families. We’re humbled by it, and have responded, particularly with informational resources.”

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To some, it may sound ineffective simply to provide information to help the needy and poor, but DavidSon disagrees completely.

“We’re still not getting it, if we do not recognize the extraordinary value of information. First, those reaching us, no matter how poor are doing so through technology. So it is with the same instrumentation we can direct them to every kind of NGO (non-governmental organization) providing what they need including food, shelter, and sources of income. Secondarily, government and industry spend enormous investments pursuing information. And as we know, some are based on amassing personal data. It’s not a minor pursuit providing vital information that can be life-changing for those needing it. The difference for us is we are providing information to help them, not for profit or to manipulate them for some personal gain.”

According to DavidSon, while important, information sources for vital necessities are not the only thing provided by Amazing Things The Church ministries.

“No, we also target immediate crisis areas around the globe such as Haiti following the earthquake there and Afghanistan during the US withdrawal providing a continuous lifeline of hope. People need words of hope and encouragement to persevere through times of great stress. We’re available to them while providing daily live programming, and answers to their personal requests in real-time along with Christ-based counseling and educational support.”

When asked about translation capabilities, DavidSon responds accordingly. “Presently, most persons contacting us speak English. It is the language of commerce. However, we do have some translation capabilities, and we have a present Ambassador initiative for translators. Translating will be continuing work for us. And of course, our principle call is to share our Faith, but while we do so we’re not limiting our global services to any group or person in need. If you need us, we’ll support you… It is the Spirit not only of the Season, but all year long…” DavidSon’s Ministry has an info-Site at:

About Dr. DavidSon:

DavidSon’s a pioneer in web-based ministry since 1997 leading the Christ-based Ministry enterprise of 18 Web Sites, featuring non-apostate (non-Political) Christ-based Counseling and Education sites. He’s been in Christian Ministry for more than five decades and this is the twenty-ninth year of the Amazing Things The Church Ministry, the heart of the Christ-based enterprise with over 13 million responding to Christ-based principles in 2021 worldwide, and an average of thirty-five thousand a day attending. There’s a live daily programming and numerous support resources available to the public: ChurchDr DavidSon’s Bio:

Media Only Contact:Dr. Dennise BatesExecutive Pastor (ATTC)(281) 677-8564[email protected]
Facts and InformationThe nation’s largest (SA) virtual church35,000+ a day attending, 18 site

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Amazing Things The Church (a Christ-based Ministry)


Amazing Things The Church (a Christ-based Ministry)
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