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Introducing Middle East’s First-Ever Real Estate Referral Platform.


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Dealtors is a Real Estate Referrals platform that connects real estate companies with property buyers and sellers. It allows individuals to generate additional income by referring property buyers/ sellers or homeowners who want to sell or rent their

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Dubai, United Arab Emirates Dec 13, 2021 ( – Property selling and renting in the UAE is a lucrative market nowadays, as property sales in Dubai continue to increase and the property markets are back to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic. Dealtors has announced its first-ever real estate referrals platform, in the Middle East region. Everyone interested in the real estate business can start to gain prosperity by participating in the Dealtors real estate referral system. This referral system gives sustainable advantages for property agencies, brokers, buyers, and sellers. It is a simple solution for individuals or entrepreneurs to earn from real estate deals in the UAE region. The referral system provides comprehensive features ideal for individuals to refer properties based on the property types, location, prices, timeline, and referral fees.

Dealtors is a new startup that allows individuals and entrepreneurs to refer and earn from real estate deals in the Middle East region. They can make money by referring their friends, family, colleagues who have properties for sale or rent to real estate companies and get rewarded as finder’s fees on deal closure. The same advantages for real estate companies/agencies as they can attract more clients and generate more traffic and sales through the platform.

The platform offers user-friendly and easy navigation. All property referral processes are transparent, online-based, and they provide a digital agreement between both parties that is created to secure their interest. In addition to their significant features, referrers and real estate companies have full access to managing and tracking these real estate leads for more convenience and transparency. The referrer (individual giving the referral) can also decide the broker agency and the fees they want to work with. This way, both parties will become more profitable running their business through this referral system.

About Dealtors

Dealtors is the new Real Estate referrals, caters to all kinds of real estate and properties like commercial & residential buildings, apartments, houses, villas, penthouses, and more. The platform connects real estate agencies to leads (sellers and buyers) in a single platform. For more information about Dealtors real estate referral and how the system works, please visit their official website on


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Middle East’s first Real Estate referral platform to Earn Money by simply connecting friends, family & colleagues with Broker Agencies.


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