AMAF Accredited Proudly Offers Pro-American ISO/Quality Accreditation


AMAF (American Manufacturers Accreditation Forum) introduces its specialized pro-American ISO/quality accreditation services for the U.S. manufacturing sector.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, New York Dec 14, 2021 ( – U.S. manufacturers finally have an accreditation body (AB) focusing specifically on the manufacturing sector of the United States. AMAF (American Manufacturers Accreditation Forum) introduces its internationally recognized accreditation program at

Developed in partnership with, an online custom manufacturing marketplace established in 2005, AMAF provides U.S. manufacturers the opportunity to have their ISO certification proudly accredited by the country’s first pro-American quality accreditation body with global recognition. Veterans are especially pleased, according to an AMAF spokesperson.

AMAF is the brainchild of IT business tycoons John Petry, Michael O’Malley, and David Levin. The concept was initially pioneered by MFGpartners founder Donald ‘Diesel’ LaBelle, who encouraged long-time business associate Petry to establish a third-party organization to oversee ISO/quality certifications. AMAF enables certification bodies (CB’s) to gain independence from foreign oversight bodies with ties to China.

Due to aggressive international marketing campaigns, AMAF said its accreditation is now recognized and respected worldwide for boldly promoting US-made products and American values across the globe, with a focus on helping American manufacturers enter or expand into foreign markets.

“AMAF is proudly independent of all foreign-led oversight, including ANAB and its China handler International Accreditation Forum (IAF), said Petry. He concluded, “We are committed to remaining independent from organizations such as ANAB under China’s oversight and its anti-American affiliations involved in the accreditation and/or over-seeing, directly or indirectly of ISO/quality management certifications.”

According to Petry, AMAF co-developed CAS, a unique and highly efficient Customer Accreditation System. CAS ensures all certificates issued by authorized registrars are accredited by customers of the firms achieving ISO/quality certification. Petry said a company’s certification must be approved by their own customers which are done through a process of supplier performance ratings, internal assessment, and interviews. For more information on CAS visit

According to a recent announcement from AMFA’s Board of Advisors, the group will be electing several individuals in early 2022 for leadership roles. Including a Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, respectfully. No further information was provided on how the election will take place.


About AMAF

The American Manufacturers Accreditation Forum (AMAF) is an accreditation body (AB) for quality certified US-based manufacturers and other industrial suppliers. AMAF is the only globally recognized accreditation body operating jointly as an online marketplace for the custom manufacturing sector of the United States. AMAF was pioneered by, a trade association of custom manufacturers founded in 2005.


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