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Capitalcore LLC reported increased trading volume on US stocks and indices



Capitalcore Forex broker customers finding interest in US stocks and indices

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, New York Dec 15, 2021 ( – Capitalcore accounting department has reported big growth in trades on indices and US stocks in this brokerage during the past few months. As noted by this department, US30, US500, and USTEC have undergone dramatic changes, in terms of the trading volume, so did some of the most popular US stocks. The reason behind this growth could be the US economy’s strengthening, or as Capitalcore accounting department reported, this could be for the low spreads that this broker applies to these assets. The CFO, however, has another opinion; he believes that the spread on any forex pair in this broker has always been so low and this cannot explain the recent changes that started a few months ago. He added the spread of forex pairs and metals are accordingly also low, however, the trading volume on these, has not been affected majorly. This man believes that for traders that are recently joining the market, trading on US stocks and indices seems to be more interesting and profitable. In another interview on the same topic, he mentioned that their focus at Capitalcore LLC is to keep everything simple, reliable, and convenient for traders in order for them, not to miss any trading opportunities ahead, and that would best explain the extremely low spread and margin percentage on Indices with this broker which starts from as low as 0.3%.
Capitalcore management team regards it as true that a large part of the volume traded on stocks and indices is coming from the accounts that have registered lately. The risk management department at Capitalcore LLC has strongly suggested newcomers about having an efficient risk management strategy, because the high leverage, provided by Capitalcore, along with letting their customers enter trades that are a thousand times bigger than their actual funds, does also increase the risk level of losing assets if being used carelessly.
The CEO of Capitalcore also talked about what he thought about this change in market share and the trading volume of Capitalcore LLC. His idea is simply the change of taste among the traders’ community. About a decade ago there was no such thing as cryptocurrencies but today these assets have a large market share as large as 2.4 trillion dollars and some consider this to be the future of the world’s finance. Also, digital assets are being sold in today’s world; as an instance, trending news about a virtual mega yacht was published a few days ago. This mega yacht was sold in Sandbox virtual gaming world for about $650,000 which indicates that the taste of traders and investors in Forex, changes as it does in any other markets and this is the reason that the Capitalcore management team is always adding new assets to their available trading instruments. The variety of assets provided by Capitalcore is already very rare even among the most popular brokerages out there and it is worth saying that new tradable assets are still being monitored to be added to this list in the future.
The director of this company announced that they will not only welcome their new traders by a 40% deposit bonus but on each of their deposits from them. The bonus is also tradable for some account types meaning the traders can use it to go down in loss with this credit which gives them more security on their positions, along with up to 10% discount on crypto deposits.
In simple terms, each client can have more than 155% of his actual funds in his trading account. This special gift could be very helpful for those who want to start trading and could compensate for some of the funds that they might lose initially; needless to say, it is not recommended for amateurs to jump into trading on their real account without gaining enough knowledge and experience. As Capitalcore suggests for their new customers and amateur traders should start using the demo accounts, provided by this broker on its website and after finding a profitable strategy, they can start trading with real money on their real accounts. To make free demo accounts with Capitalcore, you can click on the following link: and after registration, you can start to trade.
In the end, the HR manager of Capitalcore LLC announced that their support team is eagerly standing by for suggestions, guiding and consulting any trader, either experienced or amateur. He also noted that all traders can use the Market news section on their website to empower their trading strategies.

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