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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Ar-Riyad, Saudi Arabia Dec 19, 2021 ( – PrometricMCQ is a provider of Gulf Medical Licensing Services to medical professionals globally. Our services are designed to facilitate the successful licensing of healthcare professionals in Gulf Cooperation Countries along with Prometric Exam Preparation.

Gulf Medical Licensing Services is a division of created to provide international medical professionals with the opportunity to practice in Gulf Countries.

Our Licensing Services include:


The company’s mission is to advocate for the rights of healthcare professionals while providing them with an opportunity to work in Gulf Counties.

PrometricMCQ is one of the leading providers of medical licensing exam training for nurses, pharmacists, dentists, and other health care professionals. Prometric MCQ has an excellent track record in providing top-ranked training programs to all types of professionals in the field.

Gulf Medical Licensing Services offered by will enable healthcare professionals to practice medicine in one of the fastest

Gulf Countries Health Authority Exam Preparation

PrometricMCQ is one of the leading providers of exam preparation material. They provide complete solutions for candidates who are appearing for exams.

The process to apply for License

The process to apply for a Gulf Medical Countries license is relatively straightforward.

Step 1: Contact to find out whether your clinic is eligible for licensing.

Step 2: Fill out an online application form.

Step 3: Prepare documents, including your educational qualifications, including transcript, experience letter, and copies of any certificates you hold pertinent to your profession. These include but are not limited to; Good Standing Certificate, Home Country License,

Step 4: After Eligibility Check submit exam fees. 

Get licensed, with confidence.



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