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Becoming the better version of yourself with a plant-based diet


Clean Plant Based Nutrition with Plix

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Mumbai, Maharashtra Dec 26, 2021 ( – New year or the days leading up to it are the perfect time to reflect on the past and start afresh. While all of us have many new year resolutions, the one that tops the list for most people is a shift to better eating habits, having a healthier routine, trying to lose weight, putting into position a holistic wellness approach, and many others. Many of us start with great gusto but leave out in between since it becomes difficult to stick to particular diets or fitness routines. For others healthy also equals boring. However, the importance of health, wellness, and holistic well-being goes much beyond just being a new year resolution. It is a lifetime investment.

In this regard, a plant-based diet is one of the best alternatives one can switch to in order to ensure that you stay true to your goal of acquiring a better and healthier body and mind. We bring you some products including nutritional supplements and yummy gummies that will help you in your journey of becoming a better version of yourself in 2022. Not only are these super convenient to consume and loaded with nutrients but also taste wonderful. This ensures that you follow through on your resolve to have healthy nutrition because now healthy food can be very tasty as well.

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Fit & Slim Smoothie

Price – INR 1500

Available at

This is a low-calorie meal replacement shake that reduces your overall calorie intake per meal and curbs your hunger naturally. Packed with Pea and Rice Protein, Inulin and Oat Fibre, Pumpkinseed, Flaxseed, Coconut and berry blend that promotes healthy digestion and weight loss. It is rich in fibers, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that boost immunity, metabolism and keep you healthy and fit from within.

Good Gut Pre+Probiotics

Price – INR 1400

Available at

Probiotics are microorganisms that consist of good bacteria that help maintain a good gut, health, and overall well-being. Get rid of frustrating bloating and digestive discomfort with Plix Good Gut Pre+ Probiotics- a revolutionary take on supportive digestive issues for the long run. It contains Green Apple and Chicory Root along with 20Bn CFUs and 6 Essential Strains of Probiotic. Pectin from Green Apple stimulates the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut for good gut health. The 6 vital probiotic strains banish that restrict feeling, enhance mood, heart health, and make you feel free from within.

Ashwa Calm

Price – INR 900

Available at

KSM-66 Ashwagandha is the best quality Ashwagandha and helps improve sexual function in both males and females. The product has been evaluated in 22 gold standard human clinical trials. KSM-66 Ashwagandha has been clinically proven to reduce 62% of stress symptoms, decrease cortisol levels, control mood swings and improve sleep quality. The blend of Brahmi, Bhringraj, and Vitamin D3 extract improves brain function associated with visual learning, memory, and speed of processing information. Consuming two tablets daily will also speed up muscle recovery and strengthen muscles.

Apple Cider Vinegar Effervescent

Price – INR 1,100

Available at

India’s first apple cider vinegar tablets for adults with zero side effects! These tablets taste delicious and are the most convenient way to consume your daily dose of AC. Consuming two Plix ACV tablets daily can help in better weight management and improve the digestive system. It is formulated with Vitamin B12 to support healthy blood cells, Vitamin B6 to boost metabolism, and Pomegranate Extract to help control appetite levels.

L-Carnitine Apple Cider Vinegar

Price – INR 1,250

Available at

L-carnitine boosts the breakdown of fat into cellular energy and increases your endurance during a workout. L-carnitine aids blood flow to muscles for stronger muscle gains, energy, and enhanced performance. Vitamin B12 supports healthy blood cells along with Vitamin B6 to boost fatty acid metabolism. Pomegranate Extract helps to control appetite levels, accelerates weight loss, detox, and promotes a daily cleanse. Packed with cinnamon, each tablet has strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties for healthy weight management. 

Probiotic+ Apple Cider Vinegar

Price – INR 1,250

Available at

Introducing Probiotics+ Apple Cider Vinegar for extensive digestive support, energy, weight management and to enhance your overall gut health. Crafted with Vitamin B12 to support healthy blood cells, Vitamin B6 to boost metabolism, and Pomegranate Extract to help reduce inflammation in the gut Expertly formulated with 10 billion Probiotics help to balance the good friendly bacteria in your digestive system. Our probiotic blend helps restore normal flora and treats bowel problems. Good bacteria aid in clean digestion and absorption, which helps strengthen your immune system. Inulin helps protect your body against bad bacteria and stimulates your immune system.

Hyaluronic Acid & Superfoods

Olena Hyaluronic Acid Effervescent is an advanced formula that provides intense skin hydration. It helps fight the signs of ageing by replenishing moisture, enhancing elasticity, reducing blemishes, and brightening your overall skin complexion. Each effervescent is enriched with the goodness of 250mg Hyaluronic Acid, Bamboo Shoot, Rose Hip, Vitamin C, Blueberry, Resveratrol, Lycopene, and Vitamin B3.

Price – INR 450

Available at

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