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Put Hands Up and Guns Down,” James Hagler Jr. Motivational Tour


James Hagler jr

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Atlanta, Georgia Dec 26, 2021 ( – Sure, what you do in there when the clock is ticking and the audience is important for your career. But what’s more important as a human is what you do before and afterward.

This is part of the message shared by James ”Savage” Hagler Jr., part of the boxing dynasty that started with his grandfather “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler, the undisputed middleweight champ for most of the 1980s and one of boxing’s Four Kings. His great uncle also did great things in the ring, as well as his father James Hagler, who fought and now is a promoter and president of the American Boxing Association.

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James Hagler Jr. is just starting out but already has a decent 2-1-0 record as a super middleweight.

What he especially enjoys working on is encouraging kids to consider boxing, especially those in underprivileged communities. This year, he’s been visiting high schools throughout the Atlanta area to talk to them about life and about the sport.

It’s something that anyone can learn to do, and doing well here can actually help with other areas of life. It’s also an art, he said.

With the use of the slogan “Put Hands Up and Guns Down,” James Hagler Jr., suggests that teens can learn how to channel their anger about everything in their life into boxing.

Part of his motivational technique is to tell students that to box well requires discipline, focus, and sacrifice. It’s not something that you can just show up for, especially if you want to do well and make a career out of it.

He uses himself as an example. Even with such a legacy of boxing in his family, he was initially more interested in football, another sport that requires dedication and hustle if you want to do well.

At age 24, he started fighting professionally in Alabama. He pushed himself hard, lost weight, and entered that state’s Golden Gloves in 2016. He lost that fight but it encouraged him to focus more and work and train even harder for future fights, a formula that he still is advocating.


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His dedication to teaching youth about the sport is encouraging him to do more in the world of boxing. In 2022, he’s outlined a plan to have a fight each quarter.

To learn more and follow his career, visit and follow him @jameshaglerjr on social media 

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