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Upcoming rapper B-Eazy is creating a powerful ripple in the industry with his powerful rap numbers



(YorkPedia Editorial):- Indiana, United States Dec 26, 2021 ( – Hip hop music has given the world some of its greatest songs and artists. One such artist is Lashun Bonner, also known as B-Eazy, who is getting the global hip-hop community hooked on his brilliant lyrical numbers since he started. The 18-year-old MC is armed with fierce rhyming techniques and intense that he embeds in his rap bangers. He strives to become one of the greatest hip-hop artists in the world and works hard to make his dream come true. His latest creation, ‘My Heart’ is one of his finest works featuring an incredible dance of hardcore rhyming patterns intermingled with a pummeling rhythmic flow.

Working independently, the prolific singer-songwriter has been delivering unparalleled rap bangers through major music streaming platforms. Some of his great works are ‘Believe In Me’, ‘The One You Need’, Exotic Love, ‘Broken Matrimony’, and more. He has proved his dexterity at rhyming in different styles and grasps over the genre through these tracks. The dynamic storytelling helps him build a stronger connection with the listeners. He promises to bring new rhyming and rhythmic elements to his next compositions. Follow him on Spotify and Instagram for more updates.

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