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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Beverly Hills, California Dec 27, 2021 ( – Black Eagle Private Bank and Trust

Bring to our communities a new way to grow their money in a different simple way, while changing the banking Industry system for the benefit of the consumer.

                          “We make our life about the lives of everyone we touch”

Black Eagle Private Bank and Trust is the second face growth plan of CG Enterprises, Mr. Carlos Gallardo had the vision to innovate the Banking industry system for the benefit of the consumer, and CG Banco was born, during its three years of growth and learning process which brought substantial changes to this new venture. Now with all technology at hand, the road looks free and clear for this successful journey. The vision to expand and grow globally makes more sense than ever.

The team is committed to keeping growing and offering their talents to be different, we share the same life principles and look for each other for the benefit of all. We believe God has put us together for a mission, and our purpose to act with justice, mercy, and humility is our priority, we know that as long as we honor God and love others new doors of opportunities will be open.

“Because with God all things are possible”


Carlos Gallardo Owner and CEO


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Black eagle private bank


Black eagle private bank

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