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IGC Treasure Hunt Blackholes Supply


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Jan 3, 2022 ( – IGC or In-Game Credit has successfully blackholed and capped the amount of IGC that will ever be available. IGC is the In-Game currency for the cryptocurrency treasure hunt called iHunt4 the token is also used across multiple stand-alone games as a universal utility token.

What does blackholed mean? It means that there will only ever be 60 billion in supply. The issuer account has now been blackholed or destroyed meaning no further IGC can ever be created. 

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“After careful analysis, the team at IGC has decided to cap the amount of IGC available. This move will help our team’s mission to be listed on various exchanges in the future. This announcement complements our excitement leading into 2022 as we display our product at global trade shows” mentioned Simon Church IGC CEO and Founder.

iHunt4 is gearing up for a big 2022 after being picked as one of the US National Retail Federation’s top 50 retail startups.

Augmented reality treasure hunt company iHunt4 is ready to crack the lucrative US market after being selected to host a prominent display at the US National Retail Federation’s Big Show in New York this month.

Being selected in the top 50 start-ups means iHunt4 gets to display in an exclusive zone as one of the industry’s best retail technology start-ups at the NRF’s upcoming retail conference and expo in New York on 16-18 January 2022.

Church says the opportunity will give iHunt4 access to some of the most sought-after global venture capital and retail opportunities.

“Getting selected as one of the top start-ups to watch at retail’s largest event, is a huge step forward for iHunt4 and reaffirms all the work we’ve been doing up until this point,” said Mr. Church.

About iHunt4 / IGC: Is a retail and gaming platform that uses augmented reality to connect retailers with customers. The metaverse platform runs real-life treasure hunts where retailers can insert real prizes and promotions into real-life scenarios. The IGC games suite boasts exciting challenges from bonus rounds, augmented reality, and even digital real estate. The IGC token is available on Sologenics and also xrptoolkit and can be won in the games, spent, and used as a utility token throughout the In-Game Credit ecosystem. For more information please visit the website at 

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