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New Workbook Encourages Critical Thinking and Emotional Healing ForToday’s Teens


“Find The Lie And Fix The Problem” The Workbook is designed to address the issues faced by vulnerable teens.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Jan 4, 2022 ( – Marcus “M-Positive” Parker recently released his new workbook on teen motivation titled, “Find The Lie And Fix The Problem- The Workbook,” a supplement to the book, Find the Lie and Fix the Problem”, originally released in 2018.” The new self-help workbook for teens provides a roadmap for students to control their emotions and enables critical thinking.

It’s important to understand the many obstacles that life throws in the way of a teen’s development that can lead to trauma, anxiety, depression, or overall distress. Many teens are at-risk as they strive to negotiate social situations, bullies, and other stressors, school, numerous other duties, home life, as well as begin (or continue) the journey of self-discovery.

Find The Lie And Fix The Problem provides the tools to examine the complexity of a teen’s life and find healing for the painful scars that cripple their emotions. Some of the key points covered in the workbook are:

  • Learning to be yourself
  • Battling negativity
  • Goal Setting
  • Rising above the circumstances
  • Never give up
  • True education
  • Time management
  • Never say I can’t
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Finding your lie and fixing it

The workbook also includes a few vocabulary terms and an exercise on how you see yourself now and in the future.

Marcus Parker said, “Many teens lack skills in areas like emotional intelligence, goal setting, following through, rising above their circumstances, and many more. For a person to feel motivated, their anatomy is designed with physical and emotional needs that must be addressed properly. A person’s emotional needs are just as vital as their bodily demands for their development and maturity. This new workbook will shape the emotions of today’s highly vulnerable, but talented youth with the right exercises so that they know they are above all circumstances and identify their own potential.

Parker has also included a bonus, a FREE online tutorial, that he actually goes through in the workbook with you. The tutorial is on YouTube, and the workbook is also available on Amazon. Libraries and bookstores across the country can order from Ingram’s ipages.


About Marcus Parker

 Marcus Parker has played many roles in his life including an Air Force vet, UNT Honors Grad, husband, and father. Parker’s various motivational speeches at schools and graduations, the books he’s authored as well as his extensive discography as M-Positive, a motivational rapper, have all been created to encourage growth. Marcus found his inner strength and now works hard to motivate others. He has featured on Elite News Dallas, Spectrum News, and also had a brief cameo on HGTVs “Property Brothers at Home.”

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