Neoworld Launches A Virtual New York Metaverse With Virtual Land Backed By Stable Currency Reserves.


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Jan 7, 2022 ( – A London-based studio has announced the launch of the NeoWorld – a Metaverse project on Polygon with an economic system powered by Olympus Reserve Currency Protocol. NeoWorld is a photorealistic virtual Earth with the first location that will be available for players – a 1-to-1 geographical replica of Manhattan Island, New York. The Metaverse is designed to provide a deep Play-to-Earn experience and generate stable passive income for all virtual landowners.

The NeoWorld Metaverse

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 The project aims to build an immersive VR experience where players are able to earn money while buying and developing land in virtual World capitals. The metaverse is designed to provide an immersive gaming experience that covers all core aspects of usual day-to-day activities in big cities, providing players options to play, work, build, study, drive, shop as well as participate in in-game campaigns and entertain in many ways.

NeoWorld is working on a Marketplace that will allow players to buy and sell NFT-based in-game items created by 3D artists from around the world. For example, players will be able to purchase fully drivable vehicles, clothing and accessories, and even furniture for their virtual Real Estate. The marketplace is designed to be community-driven, so anyone will be able to contribute to the Metaverse development.

Another NeoWorld’s important goal is to create a new class of virtual land that is backed by liquid reserves and has an intrinsic monetary value which will serve to ensure safe investments for all landowners. Additionally, community-governed monetary regulation will foster in-game inflation control.

The growth of Metaverses

In 2021 the virtual land distribution achieved a historical peak. At the same time, NFTs have experienced an incredibly successful year that may have been single-handedly kicked off by the $69 million Christie’s auction of a work of NFT art. Since then, the NFT market has surged into a $10 billion sector of the crypto industry.  NeoWorld joins the emerging metaverse industry with an aim to focus on establishing a stable in-game economic system that in conjunction with immersive VR and a liquid NFT Marketplace should provide a deep Play-To-Earn gaming experience. Starting from Land distribution, NeoWorld’s team is planning to release the core 3D VR platform in 2022.

“Using photorealistic Virtual Reality and NFT 2.0 protocol, NeoWorld is going to provide one of the deepest Play-to-Earn experiences in the industry. For example, landowners will not just be able to build multi-purpose property on their land but even sell real estate to other players.”,  said the team leads Noah. “Real Estate, Automotive, Art, Fashion, Entertainment  – today, we are designing multiple industries and literally building the virtual New York from the ground up!”.


 About NeoWorld

NeoWorld Metaverse was announced on the 1st of January 2022. Currently, NeoWorld is preparing for the initial Token Sale that is going to take place in January – February 2022. The initial development stage will be followed by the staged product rollout in the course of 2022. To know more about the project and its roadmap you can follow Twitter and Medium and visit


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