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How this Public Relations agency is helping brands and influencers get noticed online


Maple Agency


Maple agency is helping brands get more publicity in online media


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Ottawa, Jan 3, 2022 ( – Having a great product or service is not enough for today’s brands.

Maple believes that if your brand has nothing to say, no one will listen to you. That’s why it offers its clients an online presence strategy so they can build strong relationships with the right audiences. The agency helps its customers understand which audiences are most relevant to their business and how to reach them.

For Maple, social media has become the best way of communicating with people around the world.

“We help companies increase their online visibility through successful strategies that target different platforms at once,” explains Hansel Davis, CEO at Maple. He adds: “It is now more than ever essential for businesses to take advantage of all the tools they have at their fingertips and to build a strong online presence if they want to be successful.”

As any other digital-first agency, Maple has adapted the way it works. Its content creation process is focused on creating engaging high-quality web and social media content. Davis adds: “Once we find out what our clients want to achieve, we advise them on the best type of content to use and how to best manage their online platform. We also offer PR support for key release moments.”

For Maple , it’s all about authenticity. It believes that brands should be themselves, without the need to pretend to be someone else – especially if they are trying to stand out among other players in their field. Davis says: “We see too many companies try to sell a generic version of themselves; don’t do it! There is nothing more powerful than being real with your customers .”

The agency uses its expertise and connections not only across Canada but worldwide, as well as deep knowledge of social media to help its clients get noticed and increase their online presence. “We have worked with brands from all over the world, including in the US and Australia,” continues Hansel Davis.

Maple offers its customers a wide range of services, including media relations, influencer marketing, and digital PR. The agency combines different online platforms in order to develop a full digital presence, which it says is the best way for customers to get their message across. “Today’s customers are much savvier than they used to be,” concludes Davis.

“They are spending less time with traditional media and more time on social media, where intelligent content will help them make purchasing decisions.” Maple offers its services not only to local brands but also to those from all over North America and beyond, as well as Canadian influencers who want access to international audiences.

The agency also has an events arm that helps both its clients and key influencers increase their reach by hosting events that highlight what they love about certain products or services – especially those related to lifestyle choices.

As an agency that closely follows trends, Maple has recently expanded into video content production for its clients:

“We find that brands want to produce their own videos but don’t have the resources or knowledge,” explains Mike. “So we offer them a comprehensive video production service which includes media buying across different platforms. This helps our customers reach out to new audiences.”

In short, Maple knows how to make your brand stand out from the crowd online by following markets’ ever-changing trends, leveraging digital marketing tools, and hosting relevant events.

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