Rapper Young Goldie’s New Song Release and Illuminati Rumors



(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Jan 5, 2022 ( – American Rapper Amin Peters best known as Young Goldie has recently released a new single called “High”. You can find the new son on his Spotify. He also reportedly joined the Illuminati. Recently, Young Goldie was seen in Los Angeles dining at Joey DTLA just before attending another Baltimore native Gervonta Davis’ fight against Isaac Crews. Nearby fans overheard the rapper making business dealings regarding joining the secret society of string-pullers known to make artists mega-rich. Fans claim Young Goldie seemed excited about the offer he was getting and eager to do whatever it took to become a member. Video footage that has not yet been legally obtained, shows the Baltimore rapper pricking his finger and signing an X in blood over his handwritten signature on a contract provided by the gentleman he was dining with.

Onlookers say that Young Goldie left the restaurant with the gentleman and a few men following behind along with a large bag of cash. At a party later that night, guests started posting on social media lives about how they witnessed Goldie drinking what appeared to be blood from a golden goblet. In some of the disturbing videos, that have since been removed for violating community guidelines, Goldie can be seen holding a sword above what appears to be a human body. Friends of the rapper who asked him what took place were told it was just a mock sacrifice. Some long-time fans are not so sure. It’s been rumored for a while that Young Goldie has attachments that are already members of the Higher Power Society. We’re not even sure how the party did not get shut down due to Covid restrictions, noise violations, and other unmentionable violations.

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The following day, Young Goldie was seen in downtown Los Angeles with two bodyguards. His arms were covered, and he kept his hands covered when fans approached him. Various people on social media claim Young Goldie was spotted with various bodyguards throughout the next several days. Each time he was spotted, Goldie was riding in a different luxury vehicle. Over the last few years, Young Goldie’s net worth skyrocketed from 1.5 M to 8.1 M. His jewelry collection, clothing, shoes, and luxuries have grown. We suggest everyone keep a close eye on the 25-year-old rapper. Artists have been known to do crazy mind-blowing things after joining the forbidden secret society. We wish him all the best and hope he knows exactly what he is doing. We pray for those that are close around him.

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