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Tuvalu Sharing the Best Practices in Trading – Environment in Expo 2020.


Speakers and participants from the Tuvalu  Australia Forum on Trade  Environment Expo 2020 Dubai

Forum attracts regional & international partners.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Dubai, United Arab Emirates Jan 9, 2022 ( – In establishing and enhancing regional and international networks on Expo 2020 Dubai, the Tuvalu Embassy in the United Arab Emirates collaborated with the Australian Pavilion and organized a seminar on ‘Best Practices on Trade and Environment at the Australia Pavilion Conference Facility. “

A successful event welcomed ambassadors & commissioners from up to 13 different countries & pavilions in Expo Dubai. Wherein Mrs. Silaati Tofuola Timo- Tuvalu’s Expo 2020 Commissioner-General -welcomed the distinguished participants and speakers, which included Ambassador ‘Akau’ola of Tonga, Mr. Siaosi Fakatele Faletau, Pavilion Director Tonga, Mr. Peter Sams, Pavilion Director Australia, Mr. Mounir Sankary, Australia’s Consul Trade Commissioner UAE, Mr. Amjad Abdula, Head of Partnership at the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA),  Mr. Viliame Lolohea, First Secretary at the Tonga High Commission in London, Ms. Saleshni Lochan, Pavilion Director Fiji, Ms. Noha Jaheen, Owner of JAHEEN’s Companies, Mrs. Sunema Pie Simati- First Secretary of the Tuvalu Embassy UAE, Mr. Walter Myazoe, Deputy Commissioner General Marshall Islands, Mr. David Faivre, Pavilion Director of Vanuatu, besides Daniel Kautu and Rose Waigl from Papua New Guinea Pavilion.

The seminar was started by H.E. Aunesse Makoi Simati – Tuvalu’s Ambassador in the UAE, – thanking the Australian Government while highlighting the economic & investments opportunities in Tuvalu that can show new approaches to development. The ambassador asserted the importance of cooperation in solving the global warming effects, as said: “Tuvalu continues to face several hurdles as an ocean-continent, ranging from mitigating the impacts of climate change,  rising sea temperatures are also contributing to coral bleaching and decreasing marine productivity, beside the fight against non-communicable diseases including COVID-19, however, our people continue to show strong resilience in helping to find ways to help mitigate these on-going challenges”.

A brief introduction by H.E. Simati followed that highlighted the Tuvalu Trust Fund, which was set up in 1987, under an International Agreement signed by Tuvalu and development partners, namely New Zealand, Australia, and the UK, who initially contributed to the Fund.

Speakers from different government & private sectors presented different industrial perspectives in sharing insights and experiences on trade investments and opportunities as well as the aspect of building climate-resilient infrastructure with cleaner and renewable energy.

Madam Sunema Pie Sumati, First Secretary of the Tuvalu Embassy in the UAE, displayed the top exporting organic products in Tuvalu, particularly the Kaleva Kula and Coconut Virgin Oil, which are the highest quality products in Tuvalu and highlight the importance of enhancing the agriculture industry, particularly those related to Tuvalu’s native foods and plants.

The seminar also covered the trading power opportunities in economic development around the world that can help in finding solutions for different environmental challenges, which in turn risk undermining wellbeing, development, health, and economic growth itself, wherein healthy environmental trading and sustainable development are critical subjects in the future of Tuvalu.

Ms. Noha Jaheen, the Owner of JAHEEN’s & the Founder of Click Media, highlighted the great opportunity for the Pacific Islands to be re-defining & branding international with the power of the Tech-Fin industry, showing about the innovative 1st media e-commerce digital platform as one of JAHEEN’s mega projects that is able to reveal the economy even under the pandemic consequences. She said “the pandemic taught us to work together! That is why we are here at Expo. “To Connect the World”! ..  Click Media is the 1st step in order to connect the Pacific Islands to the world, which gradually can reflect on enhancing trading, tourism & investments for a powerful market shift that leads to the sustainable development, that all are seeking for!”.

Finally, Mr. Mounir Sankary – Australia’s Consul Trade Commissioner UAE – further extended an invitation to our Pacific Islands participants to be part of their upcoming events such as the GulFood Day to be held in February, followed by the Big Five International Building and Construction Show in March.


Ms Noha Jaheen HE Aunesse Simati  Tuvalu Ambassador  HE Akau  Tonga Ambassador Expo DuHE Aunesse Simati Tuvalu Ambassador Mr Mounir Sankary Australian Commercial Consul  Expo teamMs Noha Jaheen Mrs Silati Timo Tuvalu Commissioner General with Commissioners from Andorra  FijiHE Aunesse Simati Mr Mohamed Jaheen Ms Noha Jaheen  Tuvalu Pavilion Team at Expo 2020 Dubai

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