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When Raymond was four he died and then returned to life. When he came back he was accompanied by several Angels.

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Psychicwindow is offering you one free psychic reading, no credit card necessary, with Reverend Raymond Rose. The Reverend is a natural psychic who does not need to use tools. His Angel Guides give him messages for you and provide all the information you need to obtain and the best results in your own unique situation. Raymond does not take these blessings for granted so anyone who needs clarity, insight, and understanding is welcome to permit his angels and himself to serve you by asking your free psychic question.


When Raymond was four he died and then returned to life. When he came back he was accompanied by several angels.He was blessed to have the psychic insight that he does now but when it initially happened he was afraid because he was seeing people’s spirits, thoughts, and emotions. He finally became aware of his gift from his great-grandmother who had passed away. Upon meeting her spirit for the first time she invited him to communicate with her where she made him aware that this gift was hereditary. It was only to be used for the benefit of others.


He stopped being afraid of his gift and from that point on he used it as it was meant to be used. A higher power had granted him communion with the angels who spoke to him and sent messages to those who needed it. His angels became his constant companions. Always, their messages were accurate, validated by the person he was talking to. Be it love career or finances Reverend Raymond Rose has a special message for all those seeking his advice. Now you have the opportunity to test his angel guides and learn what message they have for you. By getting your free psychic reading you will have access to Raymond’s talents.



Have a question about a lover? Raymond’s Angel guides will help you navigate the situation to have the best results possible to have a healthy and happy long-term relationship. He will help you to create a plan of action or will tell you if it is not meant to be and guide you in the right direction to find the right love that will give you a happy future.



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