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Arknights, A Rising Star In Gamefi!


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Jan 12, 2022 ( – Arknights series is a blockchain real-time strategy game based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), as well as the first large-scale Sci-Fi 8-player system team PVP chain game in the world integrated with the combat, summoning, exploration, and evolution modes, allowing players to play games and make money and experience a social game world. 

Its first work “Arknights” was officially released on December 20, 2021. It includes 6 major races, 60 heroes, and 36 planets.

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The game describes how the three major races on the earth fight against the three high civilizations from the three-body and how the various races develop and fight to unite and unify the story. The game also provides players with a multiplayer battle mode. In this game battlefield, players can manipulate any race, conduct interstellar exploration to obtain resources, develop their own technology, race confrontation, hero battles, etc. to develop on the planet, defend, and win.

Arknights is a three-body civilization-based metaverse, deployed on a multi-chain system, where community-driven players, developers, and investors can define the value evolution of the underlying NFT in a sustainable ecosystem. 

In this three-body game, users are allowed to will have this exciting opportunity to )experience the “Playing while Earning” social game world. The highly engaging three-body storyline and gameplay encourage players to create and define the future game world through building, fighting, and joining alliances.

The game describes how the three weaker earth races at the beginning of 2050:Lyrans, Neos, and Light Riders developed and finally resisted the powerful races from the three-body: Biotans, Three-Body, and Robots plunder. At the same time, how do the races of the Three-Body planet solve the “Three-Body Problem” to avoid racial destruction and the strife and development of the three major races on the earth?

After the player enters the official website through the wallet, use the economic token ARKS on Arknights to draw the NFT box, open it to get 6 random heroes of the big races, draw one hero at a time, there is a chance that you can draw a high-level hero, and at the same time, the representative behind the hero will be established Race.

After drawing 5 heroes, you can also designate a hero, use the other four heroes to evolve, get the high-level hero NFT box, and get the high-level hero.

Dislike the low level of heroes, you can also purchase special materials to upgrade the star level.

Isn’t this just the sense of sight that is full of awakening skills in “Dungeon and Fighter”, the chain game Arknights has realized it?

Players need to snap up planets, and there are only 36 planets in total. If the planet is successfully purchased, the player becomes the owner of the planet, explores on his own planet, expands the territory, develops the race, and at the same time invites other players to settle on the planet, become aborigines, and develop together.

Players can also drive the spaceship to shuttle between the planets, explore and obtain resources.

This is the full visual sense of “StarCraft”, the chain game Arknights has realized it.

If you are a fan of RPG games, you must try this chain game. On Arknights, simple and easy-to-use operations, wonderful plots, balanced economic models, strong underlying technical support, cool end game visuals, deepening of the “play-earn” model, combined with the magic of blockchain, I believe it will bring a different experience to players.


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