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The Nation’s Largest Virtual Church Eyes Partnership with Meta-Facebook to Build Global Network of Virtual Churches


Dr Steven DavidSon

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Dallas, Texas Jan 3, 2022 ( – Meta-Facebook perhaps like no other has found itself at the top of controversy, but there is one Ministry among numerous that extols the virtues of the social media giant. And operating as the benchmark, even considers the possibility of building a global network of virtual churches with Meta-Facebook playing a key role. This, according to the Church’s leader Dr Steven DavidSon.

“We have no partisan political agenda whatsoever and every social media platform must be diligent concerning a number of issues, but our experience with Meta-Facebook is not what is so publicized. My life is designed from a child to reach people with my Faith and to make what I consider the greatest presentation that can be made. Then to develop those who accept the presentation each day in this incredible relationship experience with Christ-Jesus. I have more than five decades of experience, and I’ve not witnessed a more personal, responsive, and far-reaching instrument than Meta and it’s products. Television and radio do not remotely compare in real-time responsiveness and personal one-on-one connectivity in our view.”

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Davidson’s Amazing Things The Church, a core-virtual, non-campus operation supported by a network of 20 Christ-based counseling and Christ-based education web info-sites recorded reaching activities surpassing twenty-four million in 2021. This resulted in more than fourteen million responding worldwide. This doubled the similar metrics from the previous year. It apparently caught the attention of Meta-Facebook’s recruitment apparatus inviting the ministry to submit for Meta’s ‘We are Culture’ initiative designed to sponsor some aspect of minority-majority organizations. It could prove controversial for a Church ministry, but DavidSon navigates any potential controversy.

“No way we could reach the masses in such a personal way without Meta. They are already a part of our story. And nearly any local campus-based church would have similar sentiments.  We had no idea about the ‘We are Culture’ program until we were notified by the platform. We assume others received similar notification, but we noted the breadth of the program encompassing a wide range of topics including education, spirituality, lifestyle, and health representing our core functions. The program offers a number of support opportunities for selectees including over one-billion in investments. If Meta-Facebook desires to help us improve what we do without compromising our message and mission, we’re open. That is no different than financial institutions helping finance church-related projects, or accepting finance from financially endowed personalities or companies. Biblically, the Lord moved on the heart of leaders who had no affiliation with His people related to faith. These leaders directly or indirectly enhanced the faith-mission (e.g., Genesis, Nehemiah, the Gospels, Acts).”

Meta-Facebook’s “We are Culture” program  included asking DavidSon, how he envisions Meta-Facebook’s contribution to the ministry? What the platform could do to assist?

“We clearly envision a network of global virtual churches. We targeted access to the full customer base of 3 billion, fiscal assistance to keep building our ministry team, and technical support. If Meta-Facebook can help to any degree with these, we’ll build virtual churches. Regardless, we’re going to do it, Meta-Facebook will contribute to how swiftly we can do so, and how expansive the network will be. Just as the First Church Generation used Epistle ‘technology’ to build and support the Church. We, the Final Church Generation will continue using the present social media technology to do likewise as long as possible concluding the Church Age…”

About Dr DavidSon:

DavidSon’s a pioneer in web-based ministry since 1997 leading the Christ-based Ministry enterprise of 18 Web Sites, featuring non-apostate (non-Political) Christ-based Counseling and Education sites. He’s been  in Christian Ministry more than five decades and this is the twenty-ninth year of  the Amazing Things The Church Ministry,  the heart of the Christ-based enterprise with an average of thirty-five thousand a day attending. There’s live daily programming and numerous support resources available to the public: Church

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