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Rising Hip Hop Artist XP Chi Rho


20211202 140629

Drops “Block,” a Diverse Instrumentation and Melodic Masterpiece

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Chicago, Illinois Jan 19, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Independent artist XP Chi Rho is a prolific music producer, songwriter, and performing artist with an extensive discography of hip hop fused with R&B and pop songs. XP Chi Rho is not a household name, but no one should sleep on him. After releasing the single, “Block,” he has quietly collected more than 60k+ streams on streaming platforms. Now XP Chi Rho is ready to share “Block” with the world.

After dropping his first project at the age of 14 under the artist name, Xcaliber the Sandman, XP Chi Rho continues to evolve musically while taking fans on a journey of his past struggles through his present perspective. To appreciate this Latin American artist’s journey, it is critical to understand the origin of the XP Chi Rho stage name.

Born in California, Xavier John Anthony Placencio said, “In Greek, the letter X is pronounced ‘Chi,’ and P is pronounced ‘Rho.’ Some early Christians used XP as a phonetic acronym for the Greek word ‘Christós’ meaning Christ, which is also my initials. There is a lot of history and symbolism behind it but, the stage name ‘XP Chi Rho’ means ‘Xavier Placencio the Christ,’ or ‘experience Christ,’” he explained.

XP Chi Rho is not a Christian artist but utilizes the concept of being Christ-like. “It’s the idea of a savior or messiah that will save you from something,” he said. “In my community, it seems to help my people free themselves and gain freedom. It is my alter ego within that name.”

Under his record label, Emerald City, XP Chi Rho produced, mixed, and mastered “Blocks.” “When I stepped into the studio, I created the beat with a heavy R&B feel to a rock groove, but it’s still chill. It’s relaxing and a beat you can groove to by yourself and enjoy,” he said.

The single is a self-proclamation of who XP Chi Rho the man is. With lyrics, such as “I got diamonds now, no more rhinestones,” he tells his doubters that he is back on the scene. “Pressure makes diamonds. You could be plain rock or coal, but the pressure or circumstances around you will purify you. They will make or break you,” he explained.

Using methodic storytelling and straightforward verses, XP Chi Rho weaves his narrative about how the music industry treated him early in his career. “The hook and breakdown to bridge talks about people trying to come after me and break me and steal my blueprint (image). But despite it all, they fail,” he said.

The track closes with a cliffhanger; something XP Chi Rho is perfecting in many of his songs. As a result, XP Chi Rho has revealed his image to fans. “It takes you on a journey throughout that song,” he explained. “It makes you want to dance your way out.”

The story does not stop with “Block.” XP Chi Rho’s “SameThing,” Nylon Forehead,” and “Matchbox” continue the saga. Each track feeds off the other as he draws listeners in with a story of two lovers.

With more singles planned to drop, XP Chi Rho is on the way to global recognition. “Everything that I do for this craft is to build something respected and leave an honorable legacy. I offer a different perspective. This is not generic,” he said. “If someone hears it and likes it, that is cool. I hope that I touched their heart.”

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Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/xpchirho

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/65J3emi2FecNO3F52Zt57X

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3-sRhzRqUUklvlARA_lH1w

Facebook: www.facebook.com/xpchirho

Instagram: www.instagram.com/xpchirho

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@xpchirho

Twitter: www.twitter.com/xcalithesandman  

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Latin-American Hip Hop, and R&B Performing Artist and music producer.
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