International Security Services, Inc. Providing Ongoing Security for NYC Mobile Vaccine Clinics


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International Security Services, Inc. Helps Residents Of New York City Get Vaccinated Safely

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, New York Jan 27, 2022 ( – New York security company International Security Services, Inc. today announced that the company is providing ongoing protection services for New York City’s mobile vaccine clinics. Those services will help to ensure that vaccination personnel and patients have the on-site protection they need as they work to enhance the city’s vaccination rate against Covid-19 in the safest possible manner.

“A massive public undertaking like this requires effective physical security to ensure the safety of everyone involved,” International Security Services President George Kozhar said. “Our team is proud to do our part in the battle against Covid-19 by providing security to our fellow New Yorkers in this time of need. Together, we can all help our city to overcome this pandemic and get life back to normal.”

Helping New Yorkers meet NYC vaccine proof requirements

As of last August, New York City residents and visitors are required to show proof of vaccination to enter indoor dining establishments, bars, and coffee shops; enjoy entertainment involving indoor movies, concerts, and sports events; or engage in indoor fitness activities at gyms, pools, or dance studios. These requirements apply to everyone age 5 and older.

The proof of vaccination status requirement was issued as the recent omicron variant caused a new spike in Covid-19 caseloads. Publicly available data reveals that New York City has accounted for nearly 2 million of the state’s 4.2 million Covid cases since the pandemic began. The state has reported roughly 50,000 Covid deaths in the last two years, about half of which occurred in New York City.

As part of its broader vaccination program, New York City officials launched mobile vaccination services in 2021, providing roaming vaccination sites across the city’s five boroughs. The so-called “clinics on wheels” are the result of a partnership between the city and the hospitality organization Restaurants Organizing, Advocating & Rebuilding (ROAR), which advocates for the independent restaurant industry.

Every mobile clinic has been equipped with nurses and support personnel charged with conducting vaccinations and providing the necessary patient monitoring and observation. Each unit contains six separate examination rooms, refrigerators for the vaccines, and an area for registration. All are equipped with ADA-compliant lifts for the disabled, and multilingual staff with language proficiencies that include English, Spanish, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

According to NYC officials, no appointment is required for residents seeking a vaccination. In addition, the mobile clinics do not inquire about immigration status, to ensure that everyone in the city has access to the vaccine services. While appointments are not required, residents can still book their vaccination in advance by calling 877-VAX-4NYC or visiting

Security services provide enhanced safety for staff and residents

As the city continues its efforts to increase vaccination rates to slow the spread of Covid-19, the need for security at vaccination sites has been a consistent priority. International Security Services personnel will provide that protection at mobile sites around the city, to safeguard clinic staff and their patients and prevent unforeseen threats to life and property.

“Given the deadly nature of this pandemic, nothing could be more important to our company right now than ensuring that this vaccination effort goes forward in a safe and secure way,” Kozhar noted. “As a company, we have always been committed to protecting the residents of this city. This virus may be a different kind of threat for most of us, but our mission and focus remain the same.”

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Founded by longtime security expert George Kozhar, International Security Services is a leading provider of security services in the New York City area. The company provides everything from security guard training to investigation services and relies on its own highly trained security personnel and cutting-edge technology to protect lives and property for its clients.

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