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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Jan 26, 2022 ( – Famous Azerbaijani musician and entrepreneur Zahid Ugurlu was born on October 25, 2000, in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. Zahid is the only child of the Ugurlu family. Expressing that he had a hyperactive childhood in adolescence, Zahid stated in an interview that he had trouble keeping up with school even during his childhood years.

Zahid, who has had an entrepreneurial spirit since his childhood, made some commercial ventures during his high school education, but he could not find what he hoped for in these projects. With the fashion brand “Hype Shop Baku”, which he founded in Baku in 2018, although he could not catch the customer potential he wanted in the beginning, he reached a high customer potential in the following years. Stating that entrepreneurship is closely related to taking risks, Zahid believes that the way for a person to have an entrepreneurial identity is to take risks. Due to his great entrepreneurial spirit and outstanding work, Zahid received invitations as a speaker from some universities in the USA and Italy when he was only 19 years old. When Zahid was in his 20s, he managed to become a role model for Azeri youth. Thanks to the entrepreneurial character he exhibited and his determination to work, which sets an example for new entrepreneurs, he managed to become a well-known person in Azerbaijan in a short time.

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Having achieved a good start with his commercial project, Zahid also managed to increase the value of his company. Besides his business life, Zahid is also interested in music. He started to continue his music professionally in 2021, which he previously made only as a hobby. Zahid, who created a unique musical style with a rap-pop synthesis, received duet offers from some famous artists in Turkey, Germany, and Russia. The famous Azerbaijani entrepreneur and musician, who stated that he would like to go to the USA in the near future and pursue his music career in the USA, stated that he will consolidate his place in the music world with the singles and albums he will release very soon.

Using social media effectively, Zahid likes to be in constant interaction with his followers. If you want to connect with him in the field of entrepreneurship and music, we recommend that you follow his social media accounts.

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