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KEMONOs is building NFTGameFi.



(YorkPedia Editorial):- Tokyo, Japan Jan 27, 2022 ( – Last year, “NFT” became a BIG trend in the crypto world, and among them, Axie Infinity generated huge trading volume in the GameFi field. In 2022, the trend will continue and GameFi will be in the spotlight.

The new Movie Crypto Monsters Gamefi will launch in the summer of 2022.

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This GameFi “MovieCryptoMonsters” was developed
by Movie MonstersDAOSTUDIO.

The new token is KEMONOs (symbol: KMS) developed by Binance Smart Chain (BSC).


Token Address


Total Supply 10000000000KMS

Develop Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Token Link

KMS can be used as currency within MovieCryptoMonsters (MCM). Users can collect five characters with special skills that become “NFTs”. They can then mint new NFTs called “NFT movies”. NFT movies can also be traded at Market Place in MCM. The value of minted NFT movies changes depending on the combination of character attributes.

In the game, the user becomes a movie producer. You use KMS of production funds to hire KEMONOs characters from 2D ANIMATION LOOK who is capable of being directors, excellent staff, popular actors, etc. You create an NFT movie.

The story is a Hollywood success story.

In MCM MARKET PLACE, you can earn KMS box office revenue through staking called “Roadshow”.The KMS box office revenue from the “Roadshow” will be returned to the producers (users), who will also be able to earn large amounts of KMS through periodic “Competition” reward events within MCM.

the Now roadmap is MovieCryptoMonsters is developing the GAME system; beta will be available in summer 2022.

Launch NFT first in the development stage; re-enter NFT revenue into KMS liquid assets; marketing to increase KMSToken value and user share; pre-sales planned for February.

KEMONOs are running their 1st campaign to get 2022KMS AirDrop



Media Contact

Movie Monsters・DAO・STUDIO


Movie Monsters・DAO・STUDIO
Source :Movie Monsters・DAO・STUDIO

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