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Find the new you with Dr. Souphi’s latest self-healing book, ‘THE NEW ME: Healthy and Successful’


The New Me Healthy and Successful Book Cover

— How to become successful and healthy —

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Long Island, Feb 2, 2022 ( – Goodbye tension, apprehension, and fear.

Hello, New You!

— Claim success and health today —

New book, ‘The New Me: Healthy and Successful’ by Dr. Souphi Samizadeh Reveals Scientific Keys to Health, Success and Empowerment.

The ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives and the very definition of normalcy. Today, far too many of us are living in a state of constant fear and stress, which is making us mentally and physically sick. In turn, this stress is damaging our intelligence and shortening our lives. Dr. Souphi Samizadeh has published a book that is a game-changer, entitled ‘The New Me: Healthy and Successful: The science of meditation, mind training, mental rehearsal for success and wellbeing.

Many people’s lives are governed by anxiety, fear, and perceived limitations–sadly including a preponderance of children and young adults. Making matters worse, the amount of information regarding well-being and healthy living is constantly increasing, and with each day, countless new experts and life coaches are advertising their services. This all can get confusing and stressful, thus taking its toll in the form of the disease and lacking self-conviction. 

“Our constant stress is literally killing us, it is time to take this seriously and take back control, empower ourselves, become healthy and successful.”  Said Dr Souphi Samizadeh.

This book by Dr. Souphi takes you on a journey of scientific discovery to show you how you can take back control, become healthier and more successful, so you can thrive–not just survive! Inside, the secret practices of athletes, celebrities, and entrepreneurs are explained.

Dr. Souphi Samizadeh is a healthcare professional with an endless passion for helping others–and now she’s assembled the perfect tool for true game-changing empowerment. In no time, your nerves and dependence on others will be a thing of the past! Prepare to reprogram your outlook . . .

Dr. Souphi’s other books are buzzing among the readers and her two upcoming books have initiated much excitement, titled “Science of gratitude and how it changes your life” and “Science of forgiveness and how it changes your life”. Her books including The New Me: Healthy and Successful are available on the Amazon stores in kindle, paperback, and hardcover formats. For more information and updates visit

Feel that you’ve got a great weight on your shoulders? This book (The New Me: Healthy and Successful) will teach you to take back your life and health, reclaiming joy en route. Contained within are keys to changing how your brain perceives the world–a simple step-by-step account of how to live a healthier, happier, more productive, harmonious life. Begin your journey today! 

The New Me Healthy and Successful BookThe New Me Healthy and Successful Book Kindle Paperback and Hardback


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