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Next-Gen Metaverse Platform SAVE META Launch IDO Round Fundraising



(YorkPedia Editorial):- Afono, Eastern Feb 2, 2022 ( – SAVE META, a full stack Metaverse launchpad is excited to announce that its starting from fundraising IDO round on 4 Feb 2022.IDO round fundraising will be instrumental in promoting and innovating the idea that seeks to combine token economy and NFT assets to build a unique metaverse and bolster exponential growth. The IDO round fundraising will support recruiting multiple crypto mastery to power SAVE META’s development and marketing initiative to position itself as a premier project in the crypto landscape.

SAVE META is prepped to accelerate its ecosystem and game development as it synergizes with reputable DAO members. In the near future, SAVE META will initiate novel and revolutionary creations in the virtual world.

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Next-Gen Metaverse Economies

SAVE META believes in the promising future of the metaverse. As authentic believers and lovers of virtual worlds, the project is keen on building its ecosystem to unlock the Next-Gen metaverse economies.

SAVE META is examining the next generation of  metaverse economy by building a full stack metaverse platform for GameFi and NFTs on multiple blockchains. SAVE META will be the next-gen infrastructure for combining gold unions, initial game offering, game aggregation, asset trading and project incubators.  The intersection of DeFi, GameFi and the metaverse has piqued the interest of several crypto communities and silicon valley venture capitalists in the sphere. As these sectors grow at unprecedented rates, more companies are joining the fast-moving bandwagon.

With blockchain technology, SAVE META seeks to reimagine a world in which contracts are embedded in digital code and stored in transparent, shared databases so that everyone could have real ownership of digital properties they purchase in the virtual space.

Committed to Creating Global DAO Community

SAVE META is committed to creating a global autonomous organization based on smart contracts in the form of DAO voting to promote the forward-looking development of various financial ecosystems.Members of the SAVE META community organization include Layer2 ecological builders, scientific research laboratories focusing on Web 3.0, Metaverse AR/VR Technology Alliance, American Black Gold Investment Group, A16Z, SoftBank Capital Alliance, etc.

SAVE META DAO is uncompromising when upholding its promise to be “Committed to Community”, and have made every decision with the community’s best interest in mind. In creating SAVE META DAO community members wanted to disrupt the status quo and alleviate the many pain points investors and project developers regularly face in the current market.

Community members who join the IDO round are entitled to a plethora of benefits including discount to join the NFT launch at a lesser price. Moreover, there will be an opportunity to become the seed players of SAVE META and participate in play-to-earn games for lucrative returns. SAVE META also intends to launch exciting gaming modules in 2022 with different story lines and characters.


SAVE METAVERSE ECOSYSTEM is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) composed of several metaverse industry developers, investment institutions, and game players. SAVE METAVERSE DAO aims to be the infrastructure in the metaverse world. The core of “SAVE META” is to provide a strong ecological construction for the Metaverse decentralized financial protocol, and become a full-stack Metaverse aggregation platform that connects the real world and the parallel world of the Metaverse.

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