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Soccer and Rugby Social Network Platform That Connects Athletes, Coaches with Teams


Limitless Athlete Membership Platform

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Fujisawa, Kanagawa Feb 2, 2022 ( – Limitless Athlete Membership is an online platform that aims to empower athletes and coaches, by connecting them to teams without the intermediation services of an agent. The site currently caters to two sporting codes such as rugby and soccer. The platform is planning to include more sporting codes in the near future. All three parties previously mentioned are able to negotiate and conclude contractual agreements amongst themselves.

The online platform was founded and launched in Tokyo, Japan on September 1, 2021. The founder and creator, Mr Khangelani Zila Mbekela, is a registered soccer agent with the JFA (Japan Football Association). He is also a former professional and semi-professional rugby player who played in multiple countries such as; South Africa, Northern Ireland, United States, Hong Kong, France and Japan. Being associated with football and rugby is what inspired the creation of the platform. Mr Mbekela explained further with this statement: “I loved playing rugby,” “but soccer was my first love as a kid.” “I knew that I wanted to create an online tool that would be a ‘hybrid’ between the two sporting codes.” 

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With sport becoming such a global community, the site will be a useful recruitment tool for clubs seeking to recruit both locally and internationally. Limitless Athlete Membership plans to serve all levels and sporting divisions within rugby and soccer. The platform is also plans to collaborate with academies in Europe and Africa.


Limitless Athlete Membership Founder Mr KZ Mbekela

Media Contact

Khangelani Zila Mbekela

[email protected]


Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Zengyo Danchi 7-1-304

Limitless Athlete Membership
Limitless Athlete Membership is a social network platform that aims to connect athletes, coaches and teams respectively. The social network site currently caters to two sporting codes- rugby and soccer.
[email protected]
Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa-ken
Zengyo Danchi 7-1-304



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