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Where Studying and Gaming Collide: An App Bringing New Life to Learning


(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, New York Feb 4, 2022 ( – CEO and Educator, Ling Wang, and his team at Progress Via Game & Technology are in the initial stages of creating apps and PC Games that will revitalize how children and teenagers’ study and learn. Not only has Wang received 50 million dollars in investment funds toward this project, but Progress Via Game & Technology also plans to create more job opportunities to grow their staff of 300 employees as app creation progresses.

Having Faith in Education and Technology

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In the fall of 2017, Wang had a dream and attacked it with true dedication. After years of research, planning, and growth, development has officially started to begin with his project.

“These apps and PC Games are online gaming studying system,” explains Wang. “[It will help with] physics, mathematics, chemistry, science, psychology, and language from elementary to high school.”

With modern youth being so in-tune with their technological devices, this app is truly a way to grab the focus of the younger generation and attract them back into learning. Chewing and absorbing knowledge doesn’t have to be tedious and tiring. The mission behind Wang’s project is to make learning fun and entertaining in a way children and teenagers can barely tell they are burnishing new parts of their brain which is usually painful in the traditional approach.

“Learning the foundation of language is the same thing as learning basic science,” Wang states. “Gaming systems are a great way to help students with the most boring parts of learning.”

With a master’s degree in economics from Peking University with a concentration in education, Wang has 20 years’ experience in the field of education which plays a huge role in, as CEO and founder, conceiving and developing the Study via Game. His experience and educational knowledge are only the tipping points when it comes to how devoted he is to releasing these unique apps and PC Games.

Habit, Repetition, and Memory

As a fact, most school-age children detest the old way of learning. However, so many children indulge in the app or video games in spite of parents’ disagreement or time-consuming. If gaming combines with learning, “indulging in games” could also be amazing. That is why Study via Game.

The concrete vision for the app and PC Games is based on the theory of human learning habits which indicate that repetition and understanding is the key to memory. Consequently, the Study via Game set “knowledge clearance” through playing games. Before enjoying the game, players should study certain knowledge for passing the barriers. Successful clearance must be repeated in subsequent levels to ensure both understanding and memory.

Status of the App

The framework used in the app is currently based on chemistry and physics. Of course, they are just beginning. The framework integrates with other similar apps and PC games smoothly. Once funding is in place, Wang and his team hope to meet the market with the first game in the coming 18-24 months.

Wang and his team have created experimental pages and program structures (refer to ) and look forward to the end of the pandemic when he can move forward more productively. When China and the United States are back to the normal track of travel, the early stages of investors from China can be invited to visit the United States. The investors will research and inspect the app market as well as regional policies, regulations, and compare the talent abundance from East to West. It will also be necessary to conduct field inspections, questionnaire surveys, and teacher-student discussions within schools.

Investment, New Jobs, and Extensions

The Study via Game project can be a darling for venture capital since 2018, with multiple angles of revenue possible. Amazingly, about 10% of the $50 million of investment in the initial round (Round A) from Chinese investors has been put in place. The following second (Round B) and third rounds (Round C) are going to be invested $50 million and $80 million.

However, the sudden start of the COVID-19 pandemic tremendously has slowed down the momentum of global investment in 2019. As a result, “hot money” is suffering from retarding investing rate to somewhere out of China due to the iron-like policy of “Lockdown”. However, Study via Game can be a safe harbor. Logically speaking, the video game industry is a less restrictive developing field to the Chinese regulators, meanwhile, it is also a non-sensitive cultural industry to the US governor too.

Furthermore, the investment to the Study via Game is exclusively a crowbar following with hundreds of extensions like stories of animated characters, related toys, cosplay, costume designing, movies, and cartoons.

Corollary, hundreds and thousands of program designers, internet technicians, educators, and corporations running-related job opportunities can surely be created.


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