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Sports Biz eBook Series Parlayed into an Entertaining Podcast


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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Fujisawa, Kanagawa Feb 5, 2022 ( – From an Agent’s Perspective, is originally an e-book series that was published in August 2021. The series is divided into four episodes and details the behind-the-scenes life of the world of professional sports, from a business angle.  The glitz, the glamour, the money, and the fame! The e-book also follows the journey of a retired athlete as he walks the path of becoming a sports agent in a different sport than the one he played, and how he handles working on the business side of this new sporting world of his. It talks about the trials and tribulations that he experiences when getting started, the process of getting licensed and registered to operate as an agent as well as prospecting potential clients to sign with him. 

The ebook series is non-fiction and based on a true story. The story takes place in the Greater Tokyo Area of Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan. Professional soccer is the second most popular sport in this country so the agent is forced to prove himself on a daily basis that he belongs with the best agents in the business. Mr. Zila Mbekela, a registered football agent with the Japan Football Association, views himself as a pioneer for being the first African ever, to operate as a soccer agent in Japan. The book series can be found online:

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The series also details the responsibility that comes with carrying such an honor. After the success of the e-book series, the book was transformed into a podcast where he could share the journey of being a football agent more frequently.

Last October 2021, Sports Biz: From an Agent’s Perspective was then parlayed into a podcast which is hosted by the author of the book. The podcast has been gaining a lot of momentum due to providing dynamic sports content. The host speaks about professional soccer, rugby, and basketball respectively. The podcast also invites guests on the show for intimate interviews and this has proven to be exceptional content for listeners. The Podcast is available on all major digital streaming platforms.



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Media Contact

Khangelani Zila Mbekela

[email protected]


Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Zengyo Danchi 7-1-304

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Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa-ken
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