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Tudda Gunna is grinning through the pain on ‘The Heisman’


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Cincinnati, Ohio Feb 5, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – The heisman, the First Album from Cincinnati  Drill / Trap Guitar rapper Tudda Gunna, presents a veneer of glamour and success, from the artwork and title suggesting prestige to the robust number of notable features–TheKidLaroi, TayE450, Almighty Mod, 1426 Duke, and more–all evoking the sense of an induction into a titular elite club. But beneath the surface is a harrowing exploration of the emptiness behind celebrity, particularly focusing on how isolating it is compounded with Tudda Gunna’s traumatic experiences that have festered as a result.

The album’s production maintains a more minimalist style, with a lot of acoustic-guitar- and piano-driven trap instrumentals that fit the overall themes and pair well with Tudda’s crooning rap-sung vocals.

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The album opens with “AAU,” where Tudda Gunna laments growing apart from friends due to differing goals and world-views. “Control Me” follows suit with a firsthand account of how closed-off and defensive he’s become due to the predatory nature of those trying to eat off his success, isolating him and causing his mental health to tank further.

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