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Christian Rapper illo Timo is taking over the crowd with his multilingual gospel bangers


illo Timo

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Malaga, Spain Feb 8, 2022 ( – Up-and-coming Christian rapper, illo Timo is making his groundbreaking approach through his latest musical creations. This talented hip-hop artist is hailing from Malaga, a culturally rich place where he fell in love with art and poetry. Starting at the age of 10 years only, the rapper started making his own lyrics along with dicey tunes to proceed with his first creations.

Capable of speaking and understanding three languages such English, German and Spanish; the rapper is exposed to a vast area of cultural heritage along with exotic rappers. Absorbing all the mixed influences, illo has successfully created his own dynamic style of Christian hip-hop music. Lyrically and musically enriched illo’s bangers are setting an example in the music industry.

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 Some of his creations like ‘Ralldas’, ‘Soy Fresh’, ‘Ningun Estres’, etc are some of the hit singles that helped him to pave his way. Crunchy and witty wordplay along with groovy digital sound design does not fail to impress listeners around the world. He has also released an EP named ‘Escucha y Espera’ that contains 6 amazing tracks. Keeping his faith and tranquility at the center, the artist is looking forward to releasing more tracks in the coming days. Catch illo Timo on Spotify and Instagram to know more.

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