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Hope and Justin has released another compelling number ‘Fiery Light’ that has all the supreme musicality


Hope and Justin

The Levitating aura of Hope and Justin will prevail even after the song ‘Fiery Light’ has ended. The innocence and warm nature of the song is consuming the audience.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Camarillo, California Feb 11, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – The members of the band are Br. Sean Paul C.F.R., Daniel Bagdazian, The gospel duo Hope and Justin has been playing together for over fifteen years now. Their passion for music has brought them together, from the first night of their meeting they have been playing music. And to this date, they are creating compelling tracks with their explosive musical talents. The latest song is exceptional that has the power to create a magical aura around the musicians and the listeners who are merely listening to that number. The exponential aura of the song has created the charm around it. The lyricism of the song has a gripping nature that will make the listeners sing along. The tunes can perform magic with a single flick of the magical wand of their extensive musicality.

and Jake Hart. They often collaborate with other musicians and create a musical aura with the clarity and purity of their voice. They have proven to successfully revive the 70’s Folk and Bluegrass in modern vibes. Hope and Justin Schneir have been making releasing for a time now and this new music video is a fine example of their creativity. The video was made by Martin Jernberg, he also has done a brilliant job, and one will enjoy the song as well as the video that is shot so well. Fiery Light has a compelling nature; the introductory guitar piece stages the oscillating aura of the song.

They are planning to release an album by the end of spring of this year. And this song will be a part of this album. The jamming session which is shot in the video is their daily living room scenario as they all are good friends and great musicians. It is absolute bliss to witness their musicality. Their audience is eager to know what they are offering next. They have the potential to take their popularity to a global level, and they surely will gain popularity with their utmost honest and consuming nature of songs. The soulful musical dynamics that they possess and the sincerity towards the musical art form are very inspiring.

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