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Stayplain is an education project which has the objective of connecting students, young professionals and other people, helping them to stand out. It is all about building an education project in Africa

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Greater Accra, Ghana Mar 4, 2022 ( – Receiving an education isn’t just a fundamental human right, but also holds the secret of breaking the cycle of poverty in Africa. As the bedrock of social and economic development,  investing in education is akin to investing in human capital. There have been various coordinated efforts in building an educational project in Africa.  One such initiative is Stayplain, an education project aimed at unlocking the golden door of freedom for all in Africa.

Introducing Stayplain

Stayplain is the fastest growing, ultra-modern social media platform for education with a very clear mission statement – connecting young professionals, students, and like-minded people who want to stand out.

With some outside support, the project aims to provide a platform where users can share their interests and passions with others in Africa.

What Stayplain seeks

Stayplain now requires monetary support and donations to add a host of features to its services such as:

  • A private notebook
  • Video calling capabilities
  • Audio/voice calling capabilities
  • Live streaming capabilities
  • Audio recording feature

Stayplain has also stated that they require funds to pay for new computers, app web hosting bills, internet bills, and related expenses.  Currently, Stayplain is very easy to sign up for and allows connecting with friends using Google Maps.

It also provides a host of other functions such as creating pages, groups, forums, polls, Classified/Listings, and events.  Users can also easily upload or download their favorite audio/Music/Podcast, video, images, and others directly from the platform.

If you are interested in donating for the educational empowerment of Africa, support Stayplain’s donation campaign at

About  Stayplain

Stayplain is an innovative, ultra-modern, and educational platform started by Acheampong and Sarah. The duo has set out to raise funds for the platform which aims at connecting young African professionals, students, and like-minded people with each other. 

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