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Dangbei Mars Pro Review: The Thoughtful intelligence of projector


Dangbei Mars Pro 4K Laser Projector home smart projector

It has been several months since the launch of Dangbei Mars Pro. After several weeks of using it, there are a couple of humane and thoughtful intelligence technologies that make a great impression.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, New York Apr 21, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – It has been several months since the launch of the Dangbei Mars Pro. After several weeks of using it, there are a couple of humane and thoughtful intelligence technologies that make a great impression.

First should be the Real-time Autofocus. Out-of-focus is a pain point for many projector users. Also is for me. I have been annoyed for a long time by the manual adjustment. What’s worse, if the projector is not installed by hanging, once you walked around and accidentally knocked it out of place, the projection image would be affected greatly. Then you need to readjust it for a while. The manual adjustment is time-consuming and annoying, greatly affecting the experience. The autofocus function perfectly solves the problem. The global real-time monitoring autofocus of Dangbei Mars Pro keeps the picture clear at all times. And it is equipped with ToF (Time of Flight) and CMOS camera modules, which makes the focusing action feel insensitive and silent, which greatly guarantees the viewing experience.

The second is the Intelligent Screen Alignment. What do you do when you find that the projected image is not completely inside the curtain or is on the projected wall causing part of the projected image to be outside the curtain? The first idea is to keep moving the projector around to get the projected image into the frame. Then you need to take into account the distance of the projector from the curtain and whether or not the projector is positioned correctly. That would be some annoying stuff. Dangbei Mars Pro features an Intelligent Screen Alignment function. Simply use the remote control to turn on the intelligent screen alignment function, and the projector will intelligently capture the screen frame and align the image, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual adjustments.

Then, its automatic obstacle avoidance function uses lasers to scan the wall to identify obstacles such as switches and hanging pictures on the wall, automatically adjust to the appropriate picture size, reshape the live picture, and make the picture always complete.

Last is the most thoughtful intelligence—Smart screen off function. Have you ever experienced the laser beam shown into your eyes? And many people worry that the laser beam would damage their eyes cause the laser beam is really bright and strong. When I had any light beam shown into my eyes, I felt that I would go blind. Actually, it is not that grave. But the reality is that people do not like that kind of experience. So the Smart screen off function is born. When someone is close to the projector light source, it will instantly shut down the screen to avoid direct light to the eyes. In addition, the projector adopts the principle of diffuse reflection imaging, which can reduce eye irritation and make it easier to watch movies for a long time. I would say that it was really a thoughtful design that didn’t show in the Anker Nebula Cosmos Laser projector.

The conceptions of these thoughtful intelligence technologies are all from the actual needs of users. Dangbei Mars Pro is definitely a worthy projector to purchase.


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