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Fill your life with a vibrant lighting environment with SmartWings’ Motorized Roller Shades


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(YorkPedia Editorial):- California, United States Apr 22, 2022 ( – Almost every other individual might have desired to have smart blinds that listen to them. The industry-leading company, SmartWings has come up with its latest smart blinds to fulfill every customer’s dream. Offering various kinds of solutions with Smart Window Covers, this agency is redefining the daily human lifestyle. It proudly announces its latest product lineup of Motorized Roller Shades with 100% Blackout Linen that is making a difference in the market. These Roller Blinds are smart, easy, and confident enough smoothly fit in everyone’s life and living space while keeping an organic balance in life.

The latest rollers are integrated with cutting-edge technology to offer the customers more convenience. These rollers consist of several smart features such as Remote Control, App Control, Voice Control, Automatic Lifting, and Smart Timing along with user-friendly methods. SmartWings’ Motorized Roller Shades are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekitm Google Assistant, and many others. As a result, the customers can enjoy the usage of the blinds in an absolutely hands-free method and from every corner of the room. There is no need to pull the curtain when it can be simply rolled. It keeps the texture of the curtain intact and enables long-term usage.

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The fabric of the blinds is made from 100% Blackout Linen that allows adjusting the natural sun lighting in the room. The translucent layer helps to embrace natural light and temperature, offering a warmer environment with soothing lighting. Its ultra-quiet motor <35dB is quite powerful to carry around 5KGs of load, allowing users to install it for larger windows as well. It is perfect for study rooms, dining rooms, and even bedrooms where customers enjoy their time without any hassle. Since the motor is safe and there is no string or chord to pull, this innovation is safe for the child. With an industry-leading battery life of 2200mAh, the roller shades can be used for 4 - 6 months at a go after fully charged once. Sturdy, reliable, and convenient; the smart blinds also come in an affordable pricing system to let every customer enjoy the privilege of having smart blinds at home.

SmartWings is one of the top agencies that has been leading in the industry with more than 11 years of experience. Offering modern innovations for smart sun control systems, the company takes pride in offering attractive and effective window cover solutions for both living and working environments. Promoting a natural, intelligent, comfortable, and free environment for all; the company has come up with a huge range of blinds, shades, and accessories. The willing customers can easily opt for the right option that suits their requirement of lighting along with customizable blind sizes and motor options. Each product comes with 3 years of warranty and even if a problem occurs, the dedicated workforce of this company is always ready to resolve that. Offering free shipping to all, the customers can get their product installed in their space within 5-7 business days. Visit to know more.


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