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Educators: Tackling Student Depression and Parental Stresses Head-On



(YorkPedia Editorial):- Woodbridge, Virginia Apr 25, 2022 ( – This week, Educators Robin Stewart and Qiliang Li announced the launch of their new campaign to raise funds towards the completion of a mental health platform. The platform will provide coping technology for teens and young adults as they struggle with bouts of depressions, anxiety, and/or lack of motivation in real-time.  Robin and Qiliang are both educators in Northern Virginia who have been designing, testing, and patenting sensor technology for several years.  During the pandemic period, they have seen a rising number of students struggling with depression, showing lack of motivation, drug overdoses, and even actual suicides. Robin and Qiliang decided to develop technologies to protect and strengthen the students’ mental health and well-being.  Leveraged by the source of local medical institutions, psychologists, and counselors, they invented wearable devices, named as Perspective Bands, to monitor the stress of individuals and provide personalized clinical-grade practices. 

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Since the pandemic, depression, anxiety, teen suicide attempts, and suicides have reached unprecedented levels.  Robin and Qiliang, as educators working with students every day, understand that school and parent advising is far from enough to help students (teens and young adults) during their emotional difficulties.  “Students need real-time assistance and techniques to help them regain perspective,” said Robin Stewart, Teacher/ Inventor/ Co-Founder of Dirac Links.

From April 21, an Indiegogo, crowdfunding campaign, parents and young adults can contribute to and pre-order the wearable platform that helps detecting and monitoring stress levels as well as providing clinical relief for students. The product will be available by October of 2022.  The campaign is intended to create additional backhaul development and compatibility for mobile platforms as well as provide parents and counselors with the ability to securely send, receive and document mental well-being support. Currently, test models are running on an Android model, but the beta testing phase is intended to be implemented on both IOS and Android compatible applications in October. You can search on Indiegogo: “A Purpose Driven Watch” or go to the link listed here:


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