Roosters Professional Basketball Team from Puebla Mexico sign Trent Baker from Bellevue, WA


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Puebla, Mexico Apr 26, 2022 ( – According to reports, the professional basketball team the Roosters of Puebla, Mexico, has revealed that a contract was signed by Trent Baker of Bellevue, WA. This contract is for Baker to play for the Roosters Team in the upcoming season of 2022 in the Cibapac League. Baker was the leading scorer for the Club Leones Professional Basketball Team in the city of Tehuacán, Mexico, averaging 39 points per game.

“The Roosters’ staff is thrilled with the quality of this great athlete. We are excited about the enthusiasm that has been very apparent in our immediate region of Puebla, Mexico,” is what Head Coach Josue was quoted as saying. He further added, “the commitment and dedication of the staff and athletes of the Roosters have certainly been the biggest factor in our success regionally. Our athletes also understand that playing professional basketball in Mexico and being a part of a great community is a special opportunity.”

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This is for Coach Josue and his staff one of many seasons in the Cibapac League. Regarding this signing of a new athlete, the Roosters benefit by becoming more competitive in the Cibapac League.

Further comments by Head Coach Josue said, “Today we have added a young man to the team’s roster that has excelled in professional basketball in Mexico. Baker’s passion for the game of basketball is apparent on and off the court, and he is dedicated to his career as a pro athlete. The Roosters anticipate that by adding Baker to our roster, we are going to have one of our most competitive seasons yet.”

The Roosters of Puebla, Mexico is a professional team in Mexico’s professional Cibapac League.

For more details regarding the Roosters’ team and the signings please visit the official website of the Cibapac league 


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Roosters Basketball Team of Puebla Mexico


Roosters Basketball Team of Puebla Mexico
The Roosters are a professional basketball team in the Cibapac League from Puebla, Mexico.


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