eTA Canada Has Come Up With The Service For US Green Card Citizens


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Vancouver, British Columbia Apr 28, 2022 ( – eTA Canada, the government-affiliated visa company has come up with their service for all the US green cardholders. This company is providing outstanding service, so the applicants don’t have to visit the country’s embassy and go through the hectic procedures. With a few simple steps, the applicants can get a Canada visa in a hassle-free way. To avail of a visa, the candidates just need to cooperate with the required documents. An applicant has to provide the company with their valid passport, credit card/ debit card/ a PayPal account, and an e-mail id. These are the few requirements that the company has. With a sufficient amount of documents, everyone can get a visa and travel to the country. The agency goes through well-versed scrutiny before giving a visa.

This visa service works rapidly. They take the time of minimum 72 hours, so apply for it before three days of the departure for the country. It is a completely online method and the applicants don’t have to go anywhere to collect the visa. Canada visa online for us green cardholders is provided by the e-mail id. This visa is accepted everywhere, the applicant can use it while traveling by air, land, or water. This visa is provided for business and travel purposes. An applicant can stay up to 6 months with this visa, and if want to stay more, then they can also extend it up for the required amount of time.

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Before getting into the country, the applicants need to show a few more things before the departure. They have to confirm their return date from the country and if they are willing to stay for a long time then they have to show some secured money which can be used for the return ticket. This company has made the whole process a lot easier. They have catered their fast service at a cheap price so everyone can avail of their service. To know more about their service and eligibility visit their website at HTTPS://WWW.CANADA-VISA-ONLINE.ORG/TRAVEL-TO-CANADA-FOR-GREEN-CARD-HOLDERS.


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