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Leo Spada launches his first NFT


The Bridge of Peace

(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, New York Apr 27, 2022 ( – Digital artist Leo Spada launches his first NFT, available for purchase on the Foundation platform:

It is a digital creation entitled “The Bridge of Peace” that inaugurates the collection “Red Emotions“. The collection is based on the superimposition of two allegorical planes: i.e. life and destiny where we live, expressed by the fantastic background environment generated through the mathematical technique of fractals and the emotional plane of man who is forced to react to the environment through emotions and willpower.

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The stylised element in red, a symbolic figure of this collection, represents the reaction to the surrounding environment. And with the artist, we are all there, and, observing the digital work, we feel immersed in the same environment and react in our own way to the provocations that life puts before us.

The first NFT gives us an important message, especially in these difficult times. A man is depicted walking on a path that suddenly stops leaving a chasm below. The man with a step manages to overcome the obstacle by continuing the path; with his body forms a bridge that joins the two ends of the path and that return to be united.

This NFT is available on Foundation and certainly has a particular symbolic value since it is the first NFT released by the artist.

Leo Spada (website: is among the few Italian candidates to be present with his artworks at the Art San Diego next September 9-11 and you can admire his creations on different art platforms, social networks, and virtual galleries.


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