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Pegisai announces date for first of five token drops.


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Dallas, Texas Apr 27, 2022 ( – Pegisai USA announced May 18, 2022, as the date of the first of five “token drop” dates in which accredited investors may acquire restricted revenue-sharing tokens.

In accordance with SEC Rule 506(c), each of the Company’s five token drops is limited to accredited investors only.  The Company’s announcement represents the first public notice of the $125 million offer.  The offering is structured to provide each accredited investor the opportunity to acquire a minimum of $1 million of tokens per drop.

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Pegisai USA’s competitive token acquisition format assures the even distribution of the restricted tokens as part of the Company’s plan to introduce a non-governmental regulatory authority regulating the digital money space globally

As the inventor of peer-to-peer network security token technology, the Company is executing a comprehensive plan to reign in the unlawful usage of its technologies.

The Company recently announced it is deploying a next-generation cryptocurrency replacement platform which represents an evolutionary change in the electronic payments and digital money industries.

The Company recently released a series of warnings covering intellectual property violations within the cryptocurrency industry and opposing the U.S. Government’s attempts to replace the printed U.S. Dollar

For further information regarding the token offering contact: [email protected]


Pegisai USA is a leading innovator within the digital money space, a global holder of intellectual property used in the creation of cryptocurrency, and an advocate of economic safeguards necessary for global stability.

Pegisai USA’s AIDM value token and exchange products transcend people’s perception of the digital wealth/payments universe by evolving existing transaction systems into seamless and friction-less capital exchange platforms.

  • The Company uses a decentralized value creation model providing business operations high value/low-risk capital acquisition solutions.  
  • The AIDM token provides consumers with the world’s first asset-backed/interest-bearing digital value token.   
  • AIDM’s revolutionary model of assurance provides consumers a “crypto” that is directly accepted by existing global payments systems

For further information regarding the company:


Media Contact

Pegisai USA

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