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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Panama City, Florida Apr 28, 2022 ( – Wurklo is the first Solana blockchain employment agency that has recently finished the development of a new employment application that will help when anyone wants to begin hiring for a job. When attempting to hire an employee or wurker for a company or project, employers must make decisions based on only the information given by the employee. This information is not what would be considered reliable in the sciences as it is based on a single person’s bias and subjective view of the world. Of course, some good salesmanship is required by anyone gunning for a job, but perhaps the best hiring decisions should be based on factual data gathered over years by those who have seen the potential employees’ performance and character firsthand. Currently, there is no way to collect this data as no long-term evaluation system has been developed. Additionally, there are problems with currency, banking, regulations, and other aspects of the current employment system that inhibit entrepreneurship. Therefore, Wurklo is being developed as a means to solve these problems by offering the Wurklo App, WurkEval, WurkPay, the WURK token, and WURK NFTs.

The Four Fundamentals of an Economy

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It is imperative to discuss the economy when understanding why Wurklo was founded. “The resources used to produce goods and services are called factors of production. The four basic factors of production are: land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship” (Schiller, Hill, Wall, 2013). The land refers to not only the ground we walk on but the resources within the land such as oil, gas, etc. Labor factors are not just the people doing the wurk but refer to the skills too, which are both quantity and quality of labor. Capital refers to not the monetary aspects, but the physical things used to produce something such as the fishing pole used to catch fish, or a net that may catch more fish than a fishing pole. Finally, entrepreneurship which is the way we use the previous 3 factors, can mean the difference between producing 5 fish, or a thousand with the same resources. Therefore, it is entrepreneurship that is the multiplying factor of production, and thus civilization must capitalize on this to maximize production and innovation.

Currently, entrepreneurship is stifled in the world because of regulations, banking rules, control over employees who may otherwise wurk at another job if given the opportunity, merchant fees, banking fees, political agendas, etc. Moreover, the exchanges between countries can be quite difficult, costing additional fees for exchange between currencies. These problems are where Wurklo can help with the use of the previously mentioned products the Wurklo App, WurkEval, WurkPay, the WURK token, and WURK NFTs.

The Wurklo App

As of now, job seekers are looking for wurk, and when interviewing with a potential employer the employer must take the prospective employee’s word about past work history. Additionally, the employer has almost no history of the prospective employees’ past performance or character demonstration. This leads to employers having to make decisions to hire after only what is commonly a 30-minute interview. Not only does this not benefit the employer, but it lacks the time for an employee to really show his or her true self. 

Also, being in an interview can be nerve-wracking and both people are putting on a show of their best selves. However, employers don’t want to hire a representative best self, employers want to hire the individual’s real self. Additionally, making a bad hiring decision can effectively cripple a business or project if done poorly using only employer-provided historical data.

Wurklo has recently finished the development of the Wurklo App (Images 1 & 2) where wurkers can find wurk, and employers can find wurkers fast. One can sign up as a user and then create a wurker profile. This profile will serve as a type of resume that past, present, and future employers can review, and evaluate the employee using WurkEval. Even employers from before Wurklo was built, can review an employee. Wurklo then will average these evaluations, and display them for employers to use as historical data of the employee’s performance. Using this data employers can find the best fit for the job. 

Additionally, users can save wurker profiles as contacts, and chat with wurkers before hiring them. The users can search the vast database of wurkers in less than 50 milliseconds using instant search, and then filter out by location, rate, skill, highest education, years of experience, and certifications. All of these features exist now, and are available at Wurklo has begun working on developing WurkPay, and a fiat system to allow for protective features such as holding funds until wurk is complete. Until then users can use alternate methods of payment.


As previously mentioned, historical employee data across multiple jobs and employers can improve the decision-making abilities of a hiring entity. Wurklo has recently finished the development of WurkEval (Image 3). This evaluation is a sort of review of the individual’s performance and character where performance is measured using 10 specially selected words often quoted by employers as important. Moreover, WurkEval adds another section for the character where the individual is evaluated on another 10 words commonly reported as areas employers want to know about a prospective employee. 

Using WurkEval, employers can now access subjective historical data on an employee’s past performance and character. This offers employers the ability to make a more informed decision on hiring, and find the best fit for the company’s needs and culture. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than basing important hiring decisions on a 30-minute interview.


Wurklo plans to use blockchain technology to offer a common exchange of value between wurkers, and employers using the app. Completing transactions using a bank can be difficult, often arising many regulatory roadblocks which inhibit entrepreneurs from reaching their full potential. These regulations are meant to prevent bad actors, but in the process also block the small entrepreneur from the beginnings of success. When applying for a business account the banks can often deny an individual without a multitude of tax IDs, state incorporations, and issues such as credit. However, a crypto bank account can be created in a matter of seconds using a mobile phone with no roadblocks. All that is missing is the ability to protect payers of services against those who would take the money and run, but this is also a problem when purchasing services in fiat too. 

Moreover, the merchant fees when conducting transactions can be high, affecting the way funds are normally collected, which would increase the price paid by Wurklo users. Wurklo wants to provide the cheapest solution possible, and believes that crypto offers the best fees, and freedom of movement for people to reach their full potential. Also, crypto is what separates Wurklo from other similar jobs-related applications, and gives Wurklo a global advantage.

Wurklo has begun the development of WurkPay (Image 4), a smart contract on the Solana blockchain which can hold the funds of a transaction until both parties agree the wurk has been completed. In the event of a dispute, Wurklo will review the deal, and make a decision based on the provided evidence. This solves an important problem in crypto, and that is how to get money back in the event the other party doesn’t follow through on the deal. That is what WurkPay offers.

WURK Token

Wurklo wants it to be made clear that WURK is not a meme token. Wurklo uses crypto as a means to solve the previously mentioned problems for payment processing. With that being said, using the native WURK token (Image 5) is how people can exchnge funds with each other and pay for services. The WURK token is currently the default for interacting with WurkPay, however, Wurklo plans to span WurkPay across all blockchains and tokens in the future. The WURK token is available now, and soon will be conducting presales in preparation for WURK token launch in August or thereafter. Wurklo founder Bobby Keel is in talks with multiple venues for launching and listing the token, and will hopefully have some great news soon. 


WURK NFTs are already available on Solsea, Raydium, Magic Eden, and Digital Eyes, and can be traded now. The Wurklo NFT collection includes a series of NFTs representing the tools used by wurkers. Every image is categorized into a series of Bronze, Silver, and Gold representing the rarity of the image. Total supply: 9,999 with plans to add value to the NFTs by offering special rewards inApp and the possibility of using NFTs as a way to validate wurkers. The current supply released is approximately 500. For more information about Wurklo, visit


Keel, Bobby (2022). Images of Wurklo App, WurkPay, & WurkEval. Panama City, FL

Schiller, Hill, Wall. (2013). The macroeconomy today 13th ed. McGraw-Hill, New York, NY.


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