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Big Wam has Made his Debut with a Fiery Number ‘Kill Sum’ Offering Some Powerful Passionate Accent Through It



The Memphis rapper Big Wam has delivered his first exquisite gangsta rap track ‘Kill Sum’. His narration is fresh and gripping the audience rapidly with his intense aura.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Memphis, Tennessee May 5, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – The excellent hip-hop artist Big Wam has made his debut with a hit. His recently launched number Kill Sum is spreading its wings to fly high and wide with the intensified aura of gangsta rap. His gripping vocals and his stupendous musical formation made the song extremely engaging. The song is produced by ‘Wam block ent’ Production Company. Wam has infused the rawness of gangsta rap along with the best qualities of hip-hop scorching wordplay. The video of the song is certainly adding up to its daunting aura. The investing soundscapes along with the well-arranged beats made the song compelling to the audience. The singer is seen with his friends with a lot of props that look like ammo.

Big Wam is from Memphis, he always has been in love with gangsta raps and Memphis rap styles. And he has managed to incorporate the two styles into one great music piece. The video comes with a disclaimer ‘Any props used in this video that show resemblance to any illegal materials are merely props and should not be taken seriously. Don’t try this at home’. They have handled each portion of the video and its editing is quite well-executed. Being his first he has delivered the strength of his voice profoundly and prolifically in the song. The beat oscillation was diverse and extremely gripping. Yet another star of the song was the verses that he delivered with his daunting vocals.

The song is his first recorded number, but it has the potential to engage a lot of people in the song. ‘Kill Sum’ is a well-concocted number that can and will attract a lot of people to his craft of music. The completeness of his voice will ease up his musical journey. He is not afraid of speaking the truth in the most brutal way. His intensity is something this music industry is lacking right now. Though there are people who offer intense numbers but his combination of truthfulness while rapping with all his might is very rare. The music video is available on YouTube. Follow his social media pages to know all about his upcoming musical journey.

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