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Mplan Media now offers the Largest Airline – Airport Advertising Inventory in India


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Mplan media restarts Airline and Airport advertising for its clients post Covid

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Bengaluru, Karnataka May 11, 2022 ( – With unmatched services and strategies, Mplan Media is one of the largest media planning and advertising providers for businesses in India.

Known for creating the best advertising campaigns for brands, Mplan Media is now offering the largest airline and airport advertising solutions in India, with direct connections with empaneled contractors. With a dedicated team of aviation experts, Mplan Media now offers advertising opportunities across 17 airports and 5 airlines in India. This in-house expertise can ensure you create smart, efficient, and sustainable advertising campaigns that create an impact.

How airline advertising can help brands

Airline advertising is an effective way to engage your target audience, increase brand awareness and strengthen your brand impact. Not to mention that brand recall is going to be much higher, as the environment is more receptive within premium airlines. It is a well-known platform for brands to advertise, and a strategy that will keep your business competitive.
The aviation industry plays a role in the way that consumers make purchasing decisions today, which in turn, impacts the way products and services need to be marketed. Innovative marketing solutions are vital for running a successful business in the multi-dimensional industry.

As a business, you will need to set high-level goals and incorporate strategic planning that will provide you with an advantage over your competitors and turn prospective customers into new ones, and keep your current customers loyal. To do this, it is important to partner with an experienced and reputable company such as Mplan Media, which understands the needs of your customers, and will develop a strategy for highly targeted campaigns that will increase your revenue. With over 1.4 billion international travels, a 56-fold increase since the 1950s that is not about to slow down, this provides an opportunity for your business that you cannot afford to miss. In an analysis, 92% of travelers had agreed that a brand’s international status is enhanced with airport advertising.

Mplan is proud to offer the following inventory possibilities in airline ads:

1. Boarding Pass
Advertise on travel documents such as a boarding pass. This is an important document that accompanies travelers throughout their journey.

2. Boarding Ramp
Ads are placed strategically on the ramps that are used when passengers are boarding and departing the aircraft.

3. Meal Tray Branding
Most aircraft have meal trays visible to passengers when they are seated on the plane. These are attached to the back of each seat and hold the opportunity to place an ad that can be viewed in flight.

4. Inflight Sampling
Distribute your products to your target audience for sampling while passengers are comfortable and embarking on their journey.

5. Seat Back Branding
Advertise your brand on the back of airline seats, which are visible throughout a passenger’s flight.

6. Right Hand Partition
Catch the attention of passengers with ads strategically placed on the right-hand partition of the aircraft.

7. Skyline Panels
Place large format adverts that are visible for the duration of a flight above the windows, and across the length of the aircraft.

8. Inflight Streaming
Catch passengers while they are highly engaged on the aircraft, by streaming adverts on the inflight televisions.

9. Headrest Cover
Headrest covers are placed inside the aircraft with your branding and messaging for passengers to see throughout their flight.

10. Overhead Luggage Bin
The majority of passengers use the overhead luggage bins. Placing adverts here is a great way to capture their attention as they prepare for a flight, and give them something to think about.

11. Inflight Announcement
Inflight announcements are a great way to get your target audience to listen to what you have to offer. Announcements are known for their importance, so passengers are automatically going to pay attention.

The following inventory possibilities are also available in airport ads:

1. Arrival Area
Strategically place ads where passengers are positive and excited to get on their flight to start their journey to a different destination.

2. Departure Area
The departure area in an airport is a high-traffic place where adverts can target potential consumers with your messages.

3. Signage
Post your adverts on large posters and billboards throughout the terminals.

4. Display Screen
Engage passengers with interactive messaging on display screens as they explore the airport waiting for the flight.

5. Digital Screen
Digital screens offer brands an exciting way to modernize their advertising campaigns and present them in a unique way to passengers.

6. Hoarding
The free-standing, modular partitions in the airport are a great opportunity to advertise and showcase your brand.

7. Tarmac Coach – interior
Coaches are regularly used to ferry passengers around. There are spots available to advertise in the interior of coaches.

8. Scroller
Scrollers are filled with information for passengers. Your brand can quickly engage passengers in a short, and impactful way on a scroller.

9. Wi-Fi Package
Wi-Fi is one of the most important things passengers will consider when they are waiting around in the airport, as the majority of people now rely on their phones for entertainment.

10. Newspaper Stickers
Stickers are pasted onto the newspaper with your advertising. Although many people rely on their phones, newspapers are still extremely popular, especially for passengers who are waiting for their flight.

11. Airport Radio
Airport radio advertising will enable you to reach a cross-section of your target audience with announcements over the tannoys.

12. Luggage Trolley
Mobile advertising on luggage trolleys is a unique and impactful way to grab the attention of potential customers.

13. Tarmac Coach – exterior/Grab
Tarmac coaches also offer exterior advertising slots so your brand can be seen from afar.

14. Video Wall Digital signage in airports via a video wall is one of the best ways to engage your potential customers, as they wait around for their flights and are in a positive mindset.

The objective
The main objective of Mplan Media is to ensure that airline and airport advertising media is made more accessible for the brands, companies, and agencies to leverage for the benefit of their customers.

Airline and airport advertising is an opportunity for brands to tap into excited and receptive customers who are already in a positive mindset due to their travels. Airlines and airports naturally receive a high volume of people, which can easily be reached with strategic messaging from a trusted agency like Mplan Media.

An opportunity that you cannot afford to miss

According to the VP of Strategy at Mplan, the aviation industry, airlines, and airports combined are going to grow up to $7 trillion by 2035 and are expected to contribute to at least 3% of the global economy each year. This is no surprise with the current boom of travel that the world is seeing post-pandemic. While COVID-19 raised concerns for businesses all over the world, especially airlines, it is well on the way to rebounding. With the vaccine rollout and reduction of rules around the world, the aviation industry is set to rise again, which provides new advertising opportunities that Mplan is equipped to help you with.

The customer experience extends from the moment they book the travel, to when they return home. Travel is an exciting time for the majority of consumers, as they leave their usual environments and head somewhere of their desires. With an engaged audience, people are more likely to indulge at the airport because they are in holiday mode and are expecting to spend money. Not to mention the fact that airports are filled with an affluent audience. Many of those who travel regularly are wealthy and enjoy luxury brands at the airport.

Airlines and airports are going to need to heavily focus on the customer experience, to ensure they keep their customers happy. They will be providing their customers with more information, value, and assistance, and that is where you can position your brand.

Advertising options

Airports and airlines offer great flexibility in the way you wish to communicate your brand, with a host of advertising options available to suit your needs and the requirements of your campaigns. In addition to this, brands are also able to combine the approach of choosing both airlines and airports for marketing their products or services for an enhanced strategic approach. This is an excellent way to increase brand awareness and engagement at the height of a customer’s journey with an airline.

Advertising in airports and airlines is an excellent way to market and position your brand in a strategic and sustainable way. Advertising this way will enable you to deliver your message with minimal waste. You can also benefit from the context of the airport that consumers are already immersed in when they see your advertising, which will only add to their impression of your brand. With a good strategy and eye-catching branding, customers are welcomed with an unavoidable message as they sit and wait to get to their destination. Consumers have nowhere else to look, so you can benefit from them being more captive and receptive to your messaging. Airports are busy environments, which can mean exposing your brand to millions of people from all over the world. Mplan can help your brand rise above your competitors, with advertising campaigns that have been proven to drive sales for local and international brands. 

Get started today

Partnering with Mplan Media means effective airport and airline advertising that will make your brand stand out and win over customers.
With a proven track record and a second-to-none service, you can count on Mplan to deliver your brand messages to the right audience.

Whether you are a small business or an enterprise, your business can benefit greatly from airline and airport advertising solutions.

Get started with strategic and impactful marketing with India’s top airlines and airports today.

Contact Mplan via email at [email protected] or call +91 97395 57963 to discuss how you can grow your business. 

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