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Arvia, pioneering integrated Smart Classroom learning technology


Dr Aidi Hizami Head of UPMBentley BIM Advancement Lab are presenting using Arvia Smart Classroom

Classrooms across the globe are integrating smart board technology in order to facilitate a more interactive and engaging learning experience. Arvia as the forefront of this movement has implemented the solution in BIM Lab, Universiti Putra Malaysia.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Selangor, Malaysia Jun 8, 2022 ( – Israk Solutions Sdn. Bhd. has completed a deployment of a smart classroom solution that complements the usability of the BIM Advancement Lab at University Putra Malaysia (UPM). The lab, being the first in Southeast Asia was established in collaboration with Bentley Institute, a United States-based construction, and infrastructure development software company, and is expected to become the pioneer in the preparation of teaching and learning courses of international standards for the construction industry.

Offering a fruitful blend of technological advancement and evolved education system, the brand Arvia is creating a revolution with its products and services for a cost-effective integrated smartboard in classroom. This renowned company helps to integrate an evolved learning technology that includes an interactive display, specially crafted software, advanced audience response technology, listening devices, networking, and the list goes on. The interested organizations and individuals can avail of everything under the common shade of this company.

Dr. Aidi Hizami Bin Alias, the Head of UPM-Bentley BIM Advancement Lab, said, “Very good experience with Arvia in upgrading our UPM-Bentley BIM Lab to become an online lecture streaming system and smart classroom. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommended for IT and smart classroom work!

The company has installed an Arvia Smart classroom Solution at the organization with multiple technologically advanced devices and software. It includes Arvia interactive smartboard, PTZ auto-tracking camera, display control device, conference room laser projector, wireless conference system, a fixed-frame projection screen ALR, and sound system. With such efficiency, the UPM-Bentley BIM Lab greatly benefitted and that reflects in their response.

Stepping ahead in the aspects of digital transformation of the education system, Arvia helps create a diversified classroom that is more fun and engaging. The agency offers easy-to-use classroom setup devices and tools to provide an enhanced learning experience for all. With interactive whiteboards, smooth communication programs, real-time data, sharing notes, and many other effective options; the agency is redefining the education system. With a genuine ambiance and learning environment, the students can gain more knowledge at ease while cultivating their passion. The online functioning classroom is truly a game-changer in the field of remote learning. The global pandemic and its effects have made many educational institutions shift from offline classes to the online education system. With this latest technology of smart classrooms, remote learning has become even easier and allows more number students to take a part in it without the barrier of geological location.

Arvia is a reliable name in the market that offers customized solutions for every kind of education system whether it is for kindergarten, school, high school, or universities. Based on each client’s requirements and budget the customized plans are crafted to offer more convenience. Paving the way for educational technology and smart classes, this organization thrives to promote innovation in education. Smart Classrooms include an interactive smartboard, wireless collaboration system, Audio and Video studio along with PTZ camera, Webinar learning, and management system, Display management system, lecture tracking, and recording system, and the list goes on.

There are multiple types of online learning solutions provided by this agency such as Smart Classroom, Virtual Classroom, Hybrid Classroom, and Video studio. Other than these, there are multiple packages to build customized smart classrooms such as the basic package which is applicable for 10 students, a standard package which is for 20 students, and last but not least the advanced package which allows more than 30 students. Each of these packages comes with different benefits and pricing systems.

Trusted and reliable, Arvia is not only promoting smart classrooms but also offering seamless opportunities to instructors around the world by offering curated and customized learning programs. Modern and sophisticated technology is incorporating more diversity while being a pivotal part of modern businesses. The agency is constantly improving the scopes of collaboration, communication, and personalization with its technology, intricate knowledge, and 10 years of experience in the field.

Starting from Digital Signage, Video Wall, LED Display, Touchscreen Kiosk, Smartboard, Video conference, and live streaming to smart classroom; the agency provides everything. Hailing from Malaysia, this organization only offers high-quality and prestigious solutions that can adapt to every situation. Arvia offers 100% transparency and satisfaction to its clients as the agency aims to empower the world. Get to know more at


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